Curious Bear

Writes Dmytro Cherkasov
It was a most interesting experience with polar bears. Family couple turned out to be extremely sociable and curious, so they spent around our ship for two hours. In addition to the ship so close to one of the bears no longer fit. And of course it was very cool to watch the baby. Children they have children. Even if the baby polar predator.

As usual, they noticed a cutting and the icebreaker stopped. They were too far away from us.

But unlike most previous bears, or those just did not run away, but instead headed to the ship. This was all the more surprising because usually the mother is trying to take away the baby away from potential danger.

As they walked toward the ship, at the same time the mother spent training. It clearly shows how to hunt seals. Right before our eyes bear to brake the ice with its front paws and fell on his side start fumbling paws in the polynya. The kid figured it out on your own. He stuck his head into the hole. I saw nothing and hurried on past her mother. Here he just pulled his head out of the hole in the ice.

After thinking a little, he grabbed a piece of ice, like a dog stick, and ran to play with him.

The kid had more complicated. Where my mother just to step through the cracks, he had to jump.

"Why does a person sad ..." :-) Okay, do not talk about it. But the expression of the muzzle is really a series of "What priperlis?».

Bear in no hurry to come closer.

Sometimes even he grumbled. Apparently my mother urged not to approach this huge contraption.

Meanwhile, the bear came close to board the ship.

Well, the kid has overcome fear and pulled himself up to it, too.

They, by the way, threw an apple from the board, but it is not very impressed with them.

But it was a very unusual sight for us. Still would. Watch bears almost came.

Kid reluctantly climbed into the water. My mother often returns to him and cheered every way to move forward.

Surprisingly, the few times they were almost synchronized movement. We see - how they look like, and how the baby tries to copy the behavior of adults.

Bear is very interested in what's all the same is happening on board the ship.

Sometimes the little bear all still had to jump into the water.

He immediately shakes off after a swim actively.

Well, it's just like all the children. Best Toy - a mom.

Then something happened that most of it waiting. Bear climbed on an iceberg near the ship and started out to watch us. Well, we had the opportunity to respectively is with her at the same level.

Kid also climbed after her mother.

It can be clearly seen how great was this ice mountain.

When this light is particularly well seen what they have yellow hair.

And this is my mother after bathing lying in the snow to dry skin.

All. Bear sleeping. Do not wake up!



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