Novice asked the master:

- You are so wise. You're always in a good mood, never angry. Help me and be so.
The teacher agreed and asked the students to bring potatoes and transparent bag.

- If you are on someone angry and harbored a grudge, - said the teacher - then take the potatoes. On one side write your name, the name of the other person with whom there was a conflict, and put the potatoes in a package.

- That's it? - Asked puzzled disciple.

- No, - replied the teacher. You should always wear this bag with you. And every time when someone offended, add the potatoes in it. Trainee agreed.

It took some time. Package student added a few more kartoshinu and has already become quite heavy. It has always been very uncomfortable to carry. In addition, the potatoes that he put in the beginning was the spoils. He was covered with slippery ugly bloom, some sprouted, some zatsvёl and began to publish a sharp unpleasant smell.

The disciple came to the teacher and said:

- It is no longer possible to carry. First package is too heavy, and secondly spoiled potatoes. Suggest something else.

But the teacher said:

- The same thing happens in your mind. When you're on someone angry, offended, then you have the soul appears heavy stone. You just do not notice it right away. Then the stones to become more and more. Actions turn into habits, habits - a character that creates stinking vices. And this cost is very easy to forget, because it is too heavy to wear it constantly with him. I gave you a chance to watch the whole process from the sidelines. Every time you decide to take offense or, conversely, to offend someone, think about whether you need this stone.


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