The kid looks like a grandmother wrote a letter, and asked:

- Do you write about me?
Grandma stops writing, smiled and said to her grandson:

- You guessed, I'm writing about you. But it does not matter what I write and what I write. I would like you to be when you grow up, become like this pencil ...

The kid looks at the pencil with curiosity, but did not notice anything special.

- It is exactly the same as all the pencils!

- It all depends on how you look at things. This pencil has five qualities that are essential to you if you want to live a life in harmony with the world.

Firstly: you can be a genius, but should never forget about the existence of guiding hand. We call this the hand of the Higher force. Trust this power and learn to feel it.

Second: to write, I have to sharpen a pencil. This operation is a little painful for him, but then the pencil writes more subtly. Therefore, be able to endure the pain, remembering that it ennobles you.

Third: if we use a pencil, you can always erase eraser what you think is wrong. Remember that correct themselves - not always a bad thing. Often this is the only way to stay on the right track.

Fourth: in pencil importance is not a tree, from which it is made, and not its form, and graphite, located inside. So always think about what is going on inside you.

And finally, fifth: pencil always leaves a trail. Likewise, you leave behind traces of their actions and therefore Ponder every step.


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