The driver of the Kremlin

The driver of the car "Volkswagen Passat" made the race with patrol near Lent №1, trying to get to the gates of the Kremlin Borovitskie. The incident occurred on Friday, December 6 at noon. Foreign car jumped from the Big Stone Bridge on Borovitskaya area.

 - At this point, the movement in the area has been suspended, apparently due spetsproezda - told LifeNews witnesses. - The driver began to behave inappropriately, cut circles in the square Borovitsky gate. The demands of the police to stop, he did not react.

As it became known LifeNews, driver "folkcvagena" tried to call the Kremlin through the gate Borovitskie.

Patrol managed to tame the cab for a few minutes. After chasing the intruder blocked two crews DPS. In this case, the driver still has damaged one of the vehicles cops.




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