20 words, which you did not know (20 pics + text)

How often we are faced with the fact that we want to convey to the other person some thought, but did not find the right word! But it is, that word may have, however, knows about it, not everyone. We decided to help you, dear reader, and compiled a list of the names of things and concepts, the knowledge that you can show off at the first opportunity. Let's start.

Glabella - a designation section on the human face, which is located between the eyebrows

Jamais vu. What happens when you say one word so long that it loses its meaning. Example: "It was a pose pose pose .... the day before »

Misophonia. Uncontrollable rage against a man who loudly or breathing eat during a meal with you

Karkolepsiya. The condition when a person falls asleep immediately, as soon as traffic starts to move


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