Grand Model Russia

Grand mock "Russia" - a museum in St. Petersburg, which is similar to a huge children's toy. The model accommodated the territory of our country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. I suggest you take a short trip through its vast area and to consider more and more detail. 1. Let's start our tour of the toy with the West. Neat European houses prompt that we in Kaliningrad.

2. You may have guessed that this Kaliningrad - a large part of the "Grand Layout" on a scale of 1:87. As befits the enclave, Kaliningrad is located on a separate section of the layout. Bottom left one can see the Brandenburg Gate. We must bear in mind that this is a collective image, so the station and built a church here have no real counterparts.

3. The platform is full of two-centimetric men.

4. Submitted and Kaliningrad seaport.

5. On the waves of the Baltic swinging tiny buksirchik.

6. The prototype of this large station became Vitebsk. So we are in St. Petersburg.

7. locomotive depot near the railway station. "AUTO" - advertising layout.

8. Peter widely represented: there Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, part of the fortress, the Palace Bridge ...

9. Here is a small block of houses at the Bolsheokhtinsky bridge. And nearby there is a building of the "Grand Layout».

10. Following the steamer sail up the Neva and Svir to Lake Onega.

11. Here are the famous Kizhi.

12. And somewhere in the swamps of northwest region searchers dug out a German tractor and an American tank.

13. Past platforms driven T-55 tanks. The driver in a hurry to take them to part.

14. And in the military unit somewhere near A ******** skom general construction: on the black Volgas raided generals.

15. tehzone spend regulation military equipment.

16. The boxes are stored floating tanks.

17. The workshops are hard at work - repairing engines.

18. In a separate garage - white appliances of UN peacekeeping forces.

19. At the Plesetsk cosmodrome is preparing to launch another transport «Union».

20. Meanwhile, on the station "Mir" astronauts waiting parcel (do not forget that this is a fairy tale, and here the "world" is not sunk).

21. The train tanks rides past the Ostankino tower.

22. Stoppers confirm that we in Moscow.

23. The capital is represented by a much more modest Peter. This is the entrance to the metro station «Kropotkinskaya».

24. That underground station, but it is again a collective image. There is Spasskaya Tower, a small Stalinist skyscraper, and it ends with Moscow.

25. From Moscow to move into the big Volga city. Here you can see the first copy of the Tu-144, have long ceased to exist in reality.

26. Other "trunks" at this point rise from the Engels airbase.

27. The tractor drags MiG parking.

28. In the neighborhood are located the combat helicopters.

29. The story of central Russia would be incomplete without the village. To do this, eaten with a busy highway with an old KAVZ.

30. Get off at an unknown stop.

31. And here it is - a Russian province.

32. Here, raise horses.

33. Here, live in harmony with nature.

34. Here, in the woods hiding skit.

35. If the people of the province will gather in the south, they will arrive at the station nearest regional center.

36. sit in the passenger car.

37. go to the sea. We follow them.

38. On the way to the Caucasus cross the shallow river rapid.

39. Its gate opens fascinating Sochi.

40. At your service - a bit of space on the sea and pebble beach.

41. In the Caucasus Mountains on the slopes are scattered lovely houses.

42. And not far from the top - the observatory.

43. Freight trains go further, where there are other mountains.

44. Here, a small dam waterfall noise.

45. We are in the Urals (the layout is compact so that the nearby bell tower in Kalyazin).

46. ​​Ways to divide a large station.

47. Start the platform.

48. Passengers leaving cars. Station Ekaterinburg.

49. Life at the station never stops for a moment or day ...

50. Neither the night, when the lights ignited.

51. Moving on to the Urals. The side of the tracks comes locomotive depot with a turntable.

52. But the track machine station.

53. Nevyansk presented Demidov inclined tower.

54. Ural - is infinitely old plants.

55. There are at every turn.



58. On the path comes across a beautiful old boiler.

59. For the situation in the factories monitored fire.

60. Trans-Siberian go further to the east.

61. We are again at the station.

62. At this time in Tyumen.

63. The evening, the sky turns pink.

64. In going through the lights lighting the way.

65. Somewhere in the forest fire helicopter tuzhit.

66. Then about ways to meet the coal mines - we Kuzbass.


68. A piece of narrow gauge railway service.

69. Eastern Siberia - it's gold mines on small wetlands rivers.

70. On the domestic residents drive cars to steal metal.

71. In the deep gorge of the mountain river - traces of the old wreck.

72. And by the river teplohodik pulling stacks of timber.

73. In the Altai, somewhere on the border with Mongolia, archaeologists have unearthed the skeleton of a prehistoric lizard.

74. Of course, Russia can not be imagined without the North.

75. Lodges town covered with snow.

76. Here, all travel on foreign cars, because the region - economic donor country.

77. In the tundra there are oil and gas rigs.

78. Among the permafrost often find the remains of ancient elephants.

79. In the Arctic Ocean including walruses and seals crisscrossing the cold waters of the icebreaker "Moskva". It was built in St. Petersburg in 2008.

80. Meanwhile, the coal from Kuzbass arrived at the port of loading.

81. The huge cable-stayed bridge will tell us that we got to Vladivostok.

82. This is the base of the Pacific Fleet.

83. The outgoing sail destroyer escort music.

84. Near ready to go to the distant shores of the submarine, which on the model does not even have enough space. The longest country in the world came to an end.



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