The terrible disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

Environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico continues. Numerous attempts to stop the oil leak proved futile. Oil continues to flow into the bay. Animals are dying. Environmentalists from the mission "Pelican" who conduct research in the region, discovering at great depths giant accumulations of oil, reaching depths of 90 meters. "Deep-spots" are dangerous because they deplete the oxygen required for living organisms. Now the level has dropped by thirty percent. "If this continues after a couple of months, the flora and fauna of the Gulf may die," - say environmentalists.

American Brown Pelican (left) stands next to their clean counterparts on an island in Barataria Bay. On this island, numerous colonies of birds nest. There are thousands of brown pelicans, herons and roseate spoonbill, many of which are currently affected by the oil spill. (Photo by John Moore / Getty Images)

Brown pelicans fly over neftezaderzhivayuschim Bonhomme that surrounds their island in Barataria Bay. Pelican is a symbol of Louisiana, but in the 60-ies of the last century, these birds are almost extinct in the region due to the widespread use of insecticides. Later, however, the population of these birds managed to revive. (Photo by John Moore / Getty Images)

Dead fish on the beach of the island of Grand Isle, Louisiana. The company «British Petroleum» uses chemicals - the so-called dispersants which are oil digested. However, their use leads to poisoning of water. Dispersants are destroying the blood system of fish, and they die from excessive bleeding. (Photo by John Moore / Getty Images)


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