Tower-glass unusual parking is great! 02/12/2013

Czech importer of bicycles installed automated tower for parking bikes at the train station in the town of Hradec Kralove. Velo Company, which imports bicycles from Taiwan, built this park in the form of futuristic towers of glass, enclosed by a transparent wall of glass. Customers pay for parking through ticket machine, which provides access and facilitates the search for the bicycle. The tower can accommodate up to 117 bikes in seven rows. Many believe that it is for the future of European cities bicycle as the most environmentally friendly and efficient way to travel that allows you to save money and take care of your health. That is why in the future it is planned construction of high-tech facilities and in other cities of the Czech Republic.

The mechanical aspect of the system for bicycles consists of a central section with comfortable aluminum paddles resembling human hands that hold the front wheel of his bike on site. This platform can turn 360? and up to put the bike in a box. The whole process of finding his bike is about 30 seconds. The system allows bikes to be parked with all accessories, even with the helmets on the steering wheel.

Automated parking system for bicycles is very common in Asia, where lack of space is felt particularly acutely. In Tokyo, for example, there are automated tool consisting of two underground bunkers, which can seat 144 bicycle each. Automated parking is used in some European countries, such as Switzerland. Carousel systems are also used in the Netherlands. But one of the main disadvantages of these systems - the length of time of laying and retrieval of approximately 45 seconds. That is repelled by many users and, along with its value, compared to the conventional classical parking.


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