Famous guitar in the world

We offer a selection of guitars of famous musicians. Agree guitar on this list know any self-respecting music fan. Each of these guitars for unique and reflects its owner's talented.

BB King

«Lucille» - black semi-acoustic Gibson ES got its name after BB King rushed to rescue his beloved guitar in a fire that occurred at his concert in Arkansas. Later it turned out that the fire started from the fact that the two men have overturned tank with kerosene, were fighting over a woman named Lucille on. One of the brilliant things with the guitar had a December 19, 1997 - King appeared before Pope John Paul II in Vatican. Impressed by the concert of the great bluesman, the Pope blessed and musician and, separately, his «Lucille».

Hofner Violin Bass
Paul McCartney

The most recognizable guitar has ever held in the hands of Sir Paul McCartney - bass Hofner 1962 model 500/1. Being left-handed, Mack chose this guitar because of its full symmetry, makes it easy to pull the strings on the other side and not to look at this strange. Yes, in those early years they cared little about lefties. Guitar became famous after the appearance of The Beatles in the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. But here's the irony - the most famous in the world of bass guitarist, was forced to become a bassist against his will - he wanted to play lead guitar, but John Lennon decided differently.

Eric Clapton

Collected from three different parts of the Fender Stratocasters, Clapton guitar made in 1970, and always called "the best tool on which ever played." That, however, did not stop in 1985, to send her to a pension, and in 2004, so in general put up for auction and sold for the incredible sum of $ 959, 500, making it the most expensive guitar in the world. But the debut of "blackie" took place in 1973 at a concert «At the Rainbows» in London, with the song «Layla» on stage with The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull.

Eddie Van Halen, Van Halen

Guitar gathered in the studio himself Wayne Charvel of Charvel Stratocaster '58 years and pickup from Gibson. At first Eddie covered it with black and white stripes, and a few years later, added a rock 'n' roll red. Due to the constant and I must say, intensive use, as well as a fierce temperament Van Halen, Frankenstrat broke almost in half after a memorable tour in 1980, but was reassembled by the "super-glue" and a new deck on the guitar Danelectro.

Axe Bass
Gene Simmons, KISS

Designed in the form of the executioner's ax, master Steve Carr, the bass was released in limited edition at the beginning of the 80 Kramer Guitars. Despite the fact that all of their live performances Simmons played on BC Rich, with his ax-bassuhoy does not leave until now, still posing with him for all photo shoots. But, in truth, he used his concerts on the strength of several times - from 1978 to 1981.

Fender Stratocaster
Jimi Hendrix

Despite his left-handedness, Hendrix played on a standard white Fender, simply by dragging the string on the other side. In general, this white Stratocaster very difficult fate: at the very beginning of his career, Hendrix so angered Harry Uormaka, who worked as a guitarist that he threw the guitar Jimi Window tour bus at full speed. Later, as already very famous, Hendrix during a festival in Monterey in 1968, he doused her with lighter fluid and set on fire. True, there were the guitar and light moments - that it acted Hendrix at Woodstock, singing "The Star-Spangled Banner».

Gibson SG Double Neck
Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin

12-string rock heirloom cherry and mahogany, became extremely popular after the release of the song "Zepov» «The Song Remains the Same». So popular that the young musicians who wanted to play as cool as Paige, do not hesitate even the sky-high price of $ 8, 000. In fact, this Gibson became a symbol of the '70s, but it proved really only in the hands of one and only during the performance of "ladders" - the famous «Stairway to Heaven».

Gibson SG
Angus Young, AC / DC

Legendary Gibson SG Yang was made in 1968 with the case of one piece mahogany. This guitar he has chosen not only because of its rock and roll sound, but partly also because of the light weight deck shortened. And it occurred to her canonical for AC / DC point - tripping over a cable, Angus collapsed on the floor directly in the guitar solo. To keep a good face, and do not look at this stupid, Angus began to spin on the floor like clockwork spinning top, which subsequently became his "trademark»

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