Samsung to pay Apple $ 290 million

The regular chapter in court confrontation between Samsung and Apple - on Thursday the court announced that Samsung Electronics will have to pay Apple, another $ 290 million in compensation for infringement of patents, ending another chapter in the long-term patent disputes between the two companies.

The Court has calculated the damages on the basis of 13 products which infringed patents Apple. Identified by two smartphones, which brought the largest loss: Samsung Infuse 4G, approximately $ 100 million, and the Droid Charge, approximately $ 60 million.

In August last year, a jury of California awarded Apple compensation damages of $ 1 billion. Then the judge Koch (because of uncertainty surrounding the calculation of the amount of damage) reduced the amount to $ 600 million. It is about how to assess the damage: count the lost profits of the company or the amount of royalties who would have to pay Samsung, if honestly bought the right to use Apple patents. Loss of profit considered difficult (in fact, clear criteria that can define it based on actual sales, simply does not exist), and the amount can be coming up there is much greater. At this time, the court decided to add a little to the amount of damage.

Despite the fact that the amount of $ 290 million will have no significant impact on the "purses" companies - they are one of the most profitable companies in the technology industry - it gives Apple, another victory in the ongoing legal battle between the companies.

In a statement, Apple said that it "was about innovation and hard work to create products that people love." And added: "We are grateful to the court for an explanation for Samsung, that copying has its price.»



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