Photos that are impossible to look indifferently (36 photos)

They say that picture can tell more than a thousand words. Random photos are always the most important, and minor moments are always the most valuable. Photographers akin chroniclers and painters at the same time. They imprint a huge number of events, objects, types. Some do it by accident, by the momentary desire. Other - in order to fix the moment for the future.

1. Hope dies last. Photographer - Zilvinas Valeika.

2. Cat's house.

3. Extreme. One of the best pictures on the version of Red Bull Illume 2010.

4. Ordinary Miracle. The little boy is going to ask Santa to his father returned from Iraq. He does not know that his wish will come true right now ...

5. "Thank you" to veterans. Photographer - Roman Balayev.

6. The exploits are priceless.


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