Photos that are impossible to look indifferently. Part 5

Here are pictures that can cause very different emotions in people. No one should remain indifferent. Happy viewing!

Part 4

Syrian refugee children play with what they find, for example, they can be turned into a piece of wood glasses in the camp on the Syrian-Turkish border, near Azaz, Siriya.Vremenny refugee camp, reportedly, is growing every day. Photographer May Sun-EPA


Photographer John Kolesidis-Reuters Protesters in Athens

Giant poster on the road near Gaiole in Chianti, Italy. Gabriel Bouys-AFP / GettyImages

Giant inflatable doll representing President Hugo Chavez stands on top of a building in Caracas Ramon Espinosa-AP

Road to Baharak. Afghanistan Photographer Roberto Schmidt-AFP

Shinya Aoki of Japan, jumping in the air celebrating his victory over Arnaud from France Lepont Championship Fighting Championship Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore. Stephen Morrison-EPA

Syrian boy in camp bezhntsev photographer Manu Brabo-AP

Lunch Syrian refugees Photographer Manu Brabo-AP

Spain. Team «Castellers», building the tower of the people at the festival. Fotgraf David Ramos-Getty Images


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