The poorest president

The photo captures not retired from the Russian hinterland, and the president of one of the most economically developed countries in Latin America in his kitchen!

José Mujica - President of Uruguay, whose lifestyle bears little resemblance to the way usually live the powers that be. 78-year-old El Pepe (the name of the President of the locals) donates to charity almost his entire presidential salary, making it the poorest (or most generous) president in the world. President earns 263,000 Uruguayan Peso (400 000) per month. Currently it leaves only 26,300 pesos (40 000).

The President refused the palace and lives in a small farmhouse. President takes water from a well in the yard. Together with the first lady of the country working on the ground, grows flowers. Jose Mujica was a member of the guerrilla movement, received several wounds, held in military prisons for 14 years. The largest personal purchase Mujica for everything during his presidency was "Volkswagen Beetle" 1987 release, worth $ 1,945.

Based on the official declaration of 2012, the salary of the current Russian President Vladimir Putin - 5, 7 million. Rubles per year (480 000 rubles per month). In addition to real estate, the head of the Russian Federation is the owner of the domestic SUV "Niva" and two cars "Volga" - GAZ GAZ M21 and M21R. Also he owns a car trailer "Skif", which was inherited from his father. Vladimir Putin, wondering spend personal funds for charity?




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