Abbey Lee Kershaw.

Abbey Lee Kershaw for 24 years. She's a supermodel, one of the most popular and the most popular models in the world. It cooperates with companies such as Chanel and Gucci, as well as a muse of creative directors of leading fashion houses. It works with the most famous photographers such as Steven Meisel and Terry Richardson, it offers the best show of the season. She has 10 piercings and tattoos 9, his own rock band and incredibly cute facial features that made her a superstar of the fashion industry.

Abby Lee was born in Australia, in a poor family. She never dreamed of becoming a model. Moreover, Abbey Lee did not even know that you can earn money by posing for photographers. Her family did not have extra money to buy magazines, but the mother and father of the girl had more services than just material - gave it to the ballet school. It is thanks to the ballet Abbey Lee later easily experienced mannequins rose in exciting and virtuosic poses in front of camera lenses.

The world used to the stereotypes, and many feel that little models look like. However, I know that's not true. Some models of paint (for example, Sasha Pivovarova), others are engaged in modeling clothes (Coco Rocha), but Abby Lee prefers music. And she has her own band «Our mountain», in the speech with which she even exchanged a few impressions on one of the fashion weeks.

Everyone knows that the fashion world is cruel, and achieve the heights it few. We need a strong character, endurance and unusual appearance. And then, and another at the Abbey Lee is. First she trained during lessons in ballet, and the second is given to it by nature.

When I first "met" with this model, to be honest, I did not like it. Something about it seemed to me repulsive face - too childish facial features - is unclear. But after a while I began to assess the Abbey Lee appreciated, because it's worth it, really worth it. Look close to her lips, eyes, nose and chin, and maybe you will discover a new page in your idea of ​​beauty.

Moreover once Abby Lee stood out in the world of fashion by its very unexpected act. She refused to parade in a show Alexander McQueen, because I was afraid to get up in the "death" shoes.

It also followed the example of Natasha Poly and Sasha Pivovarova.

In the life of Abby Lee differs unusual style of dress. She loves extravagant, but always ostromodnye outfits.

And, of course, Abby Lee, like all models, loves to eat at the expense of her figure.

However, its shape is a little effect.

Abbey Lee looks perfect on the podium ...

... And in photographs.

Even at such a unfortunate.


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