Street style

In the world of models, as well as in the world of show business has its trendsetters - girls, who are called iconic style. For myself, I distinguish Briton Agyness Deyn, our compatriot Sasha Pivovarova, Australian Abbey Lee Kershaw and a Danish Frey Beja Erichsen. I'm not saying that she wanted to be dressed exactly like them, but their style is definitely worth attention and discussion.

Agyness Deyn - an extraordinary woman, like her style of dress. Almost any of its image - a hymn to freedom of expression. Her style can not be described in one word, it has elements of glanzha, retro, Preppy, 80s, and many others.

Despite the apparent presence of style and taste this girl, Agnes tend to overdo it. Well, what is it? Model only got out of bed and threw on my pajamas leather jacket and so went to the shooting?

Agnes prefers comfortable shoes and off the podium opts for shoes without heels, whether men's brogues, motorcycle boots, sneakers or sandals.

Favorite shoes

Convenient polubotinochki combined with a coat-style Preppy

Brogues - the most fashionable shoes of the season

In the wardrobe of Agnes several pairs of colored shoes Dr. Martens

The combination of femininity and sporty - sneakers with floral print

Despite such a "boyish" figure, is no stranger to Agnes feminine sophisticated style. In evening dress to the floor and light flowing dresses in combination with high heels model looks great.

In this image Agnes almost unrecognizable - from tomboy model into a beautiful lady

Makeup Agyness Deyn - is its absence.

"Output" a girl can afford interesting lipstick shade Smoky Aes or glamorous arrows.

I've always liked the colored arrows - classic with a modern twist

Lipstick interesting berry shade applied with your fingers - it avoids too sharp contours and give the image of ease

Hairstyle Agnes sharply distinguishes it from the crowd of long-haired models before Dean wore a blond short haircut today her choice - a shorter bob with bangs, in black.

Dark hair color is very advantageous Aness and contrasts with the blue of her eyes

The model not only likes to experiment with hair, but also with the hair. At one time, Agnes went with a bald head ...

When the hair industry she persuaded her colorist give hair color brightness - so it was the pink bangs.

At the University of Sasha Pivovarova studied art, and her hobbies, which did not become her profession is certainly reflected in her style of clothing. Sasha dresses close to the bohemian style: lots of accessories, fur, interesting prints - it's all there in the clothing model. A distinctive feature of all the images of Sasha - layering.

Makeup Sasha often restrained.

Only occasionally to emphasize the already interesting face, lips, or allocates girl eyes.

This is a great success - see Frey Beja Erichsen clothing is not black. Her style - a black leather jackets, black pants, black shoes and black accessories.

The most that is capable of Frey - a white T-shirt, gray jeans and plaid shirt.

His biker style complements Freya scarlet lipstick and black smokey-Aes.

Although her perfect skin and expressive eyes and lips do not allow the girl to use makeup.

Rarity: Freja Beha Erichsen in a leather jacket olive (!) Colors. In my opinion, it looks no worse than black look'a total.

Abbey Lee Kershaw reminds me of the character of fairy tales. Boho-chic - this model selection, which appears in public in a long flying skirts and coats and coats in many colors and textures.

Must-have accessory - Fancy necklace or locket around his neck.

Abbey Lee also indifferent to the rings with colored semi-precious stones impressive size.

In ordinary life, you are unlikely to see Abby Lee with bright Meiko - a gentle glow and perfect skin help it to look like a million.

Only occasionally model uses lipstick color of wine.

Abbey Lee native color - light brown and, in my opinion, it really is her.

But she longed for change and repainted in a platinum blond. Looks too unnatural, but gives the image Kershaw "cosmic".


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