Female celebrities

Most women are often dissatisfied with their appearance: the nose is too long, the eyes are too small, lashes are short, square-shaped face, or for example, too thin lips, and so on. But not only us, "mortals" overwhelmed complexes. Celebrities are the same women who also have a bunch of complexes, which is also something does not like and that like any smart and clever woman cleverly hide their shortcomings.

I managed to "dig out" several big-eared photos of Hollywood celebrities, so that you and I have seen that they are just ordinary people with the same common problem with their ears, like many of those around us ladies.

And so to you a selection of the most lop-eared photos of Hollywood celebrities.

Kate Hudson

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Simpson

Olivia Wilde

Reese Witherspoon

Courteney Cox

Emma Watson

Beyonce have slightly bulged one ear, in that star enlisted in the ranks of big-eared

Natalie Portman

Nina Dobrev

Anne Hathaway

Julia Roberts

Charlize Theron have all the same poser with protruding eye

Amy Blunt

Shannen Doherty

Kristen Stewart

Cynthia Nixon

And of course, lastly, "star" collection of Britney Spears

Maybe someone from the list of Hollywood beauties, and did not get, but it is only in the fact that it is very good disguises his droopy ears)


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