Kill a celebrity

Cavemen used fur to warm up and soared over the fact whether it is cruel towards the little animals. These celebrities think the same way.

Victoria Beckham - a lover of luxury and glamor. Leather and fur - a killer combination, and in the literal sense (to the beast, which they used to belong to).

Sarah Jessica Parker is sure: a good coat should be in every woman's wardrobe!

For sure, this coat Sienna Miller is worth a fortune! But it looks awful (not Sienna, and coat) IMHO.

And Rihanna - poklonintsa ushanok-caps.

I wonder how many pelts went to the coat "Black Panther" Naomi Kemmbell?

Misha Barton Hollywood cold nights warm fur vest.

Sisters Olsen also did not belong to those who are crying about the thought of animals killed for their fur.

It is rumored that Madonna was going to join the organization for animal rights PETA. But from the bellows pop queen, apparently, is not going to give up.

Liz Hurley is also a fan of fur vests. Of course, being married to a billionaire, save for a six months do not need new clothes!

Not only the ladies love to dress in furs. Rapper Kanye West puts on a coat, even in warm weather. Like she did!


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