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Somehow, for me personally, unexpected and strange way, one of my favorite actors, best known for the role of a brave hobbit Frodo in "Lord of the Rings" - Elijah Wood knocked 30 years. After a relative lull, he returned, and this time for the first time in his career - with the series, and again for the first time in his career in a - in a comedy role, which he succeeds brilliantly. I'm talking about the TV series "Wilfred" channel FX, which all critics, respected publications and ordinary viewers, including myself, the award for best TV series premiere this summer and one of the best sitcoms of all time.

The only thing that changes in Elijah - hair, bristles and a small yet it adds a certain maturity. In general, the actor looks much the same as in the 18 and himself to admit it. I suggest you look at Elijah and his role through the years.

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Elijah was born in the small town of Cedar Rapids (Ashton Kutcher, by the way, from the same place). At age 8 he began his career as a model and began acting in commercials. Shortly thereafter, the family Woods, which had three children, moved to Los Angeles and do boy went up the hill.

Early interviews and a couple of commercials.

Of children of the actor, we can note "Avalon" is the story of Jewish immigrants in the United States.

"Forever Young," with Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis - the story of a freeze himself a pilot, and the script was written by JJ Abrams, who would later become one of the creators and writers of the series Lost.

"The Good Son" in which Elijah Macaulay Culkin played with.

Finally, the drama "War", about the life of one family after the Vietnam War, in which Elijah played the son of Kevin Costner, and one of the most respected critics Roger Ebert of America, said the following about the boy:
Elijah Wood has appeared, in my opinion, the most talented actor of his age in the history of Hollywood

In 1998, "Deep Impact" and "Department" had great success with the audience and helped Voodoo prove that it does not suffer the fate of many popular children with actors whose careers went downhill in sync with growing up.

1999-2004 years were probably the best in life Wood, because he has devoted their work in the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings." Given its unconventional appearance, the actor was just created for the role of Frodo. And after the shooting Elijah with the rest of Fellowship of the Ring tattooed with the number 9 in Elvish to perpetuate this incredible experience.

That's what he was talking about Elijah time:
It was a great period (prim.- trilogy filmed 16 months). And the most amazing is that we have become a real family and brotherhood, which you see on the screen was a real brotherhood. I met my closest friends while working on the film. I was incredibly lucky to be a part of such a project.
The photo Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd's wedding in 2010.

After the "Lord" was the first project Elijah became controversial film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," in which he played a computer genius who erases people painful memories.

It was followed by "hooligans", which will plunge into the cruel world and not very English football fans.

They were followed by "Sin City" by Robert Rodriguez and Elijah in the role of a serial killer.

Then one of my favorite movies "Light around" just met somewhere called "And all lit up" in which Elijah plays an American who came to Ukraine to find the woman who saved his grandfather's Jews during the Second World War. Director of the film, by the way, was a famous actor Liev Schreiber (his maternal grandfather - from the Ukraine).

Elijah also appeared in the film almanac "Paris, je t'aime", one of the eighteen five-minute stories entitled "Quarter Madeleine," about an unusual love vampire and tourists.

He was the husband of Lindsay Lohan in the drama "Bobby" the death of Robert F. Kennedy.

Of recent years can also be noted thriller "The Oxford Murders", the name of which does not require any special explanation.

Of course, this is not a complete list. In Wood's filmography to 30 years in a number of interesting papers that would have made the post endless. As we can see, Elijah prefers independent films, often co-production in Europe and the US, with an interesting scenario.

The photo Elijah and Liev Schreiber.

Now let's talk about the present and the future. As I said, thanks to the TV series "Wilfred" Elijah's name again on everyone's lips. In it, he plays a disillusioned with life former lawyer Ryan, who rehabilitates his neighbor's dog - Wilfred. But there is one "but". For all others Uilfdred - ordinary dog, but Ryan sees it as a daring man in a cheap dog costume, talking to him and held together through a bunch of stories. In general, non-standard and very funny idea, which was brought from Australia.

In the future, we will again see Elijah as Frodo in both parts of "The Hobbit" Peter Jackson in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Frodo will appear in flash bekah or more precisely in the flash-forward of his uncle Bilbo Baggins, around which will develop the plot.

For those interested in personal life - known to the public were only two novels actor: a German actress from "Run Lola Run" Franka Potente in 2003. Wood older girl of 7 years.

And a five-year affair with Pamela Racine, drummer group Gogol Bordello, ended not so long ago, according to rumors, because of the fact that Elijah was not ready to settle down.

In addition to acting career Elijah known for his passion for music. It often takes DJing, having a house a huge collection of CDs, and even opened his own record label Simian Records.

Recently Elijah along with a bunch of other celebrities (you can play the game "as counted") starred in the new clip of the legendary group Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise, which has a more complete version of the half-hour.

In addition, in the bank Elijah very unusual and impressive record. He became the first person to cross the Victoria Falls on the rope. It all happened during the filming of transmission Adrenaline Junkie.

And finally, a few videos. First - never aging, and always funny interview with Elijah, in which his colleague at the site of "Lord" Dominic Monaghan pretends German journalist and asks stupid questions:

Elijah recent interview for The Internet Show 7 minutes in Heaven.

And commercials for Oliver Peoples Eyewear with Wood and Shirley Manson.

Elijah wish every success in the future and I am sure that he will not cease to delight us with a good movie :)


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