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Someone's character too early fame can spoil, and someone correct and do even better than before. The little boy Elijah with big blue eyes and a kind smile all went to the second scheme. He managed to literally everything: to be an excellent student, and in the movies, and remain a good son, brother, friend.

Gradually, the boy grew up and with his own growth grew his success in the film, which he had been waiting for more than 10 years. With the release of the painting "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," 20-year-old actor has become the idol of millions. And no wonder, because to play Frodo could not every young actor ... Talented guy have noticed many of the studio and he began acting in the whole row: from comedy to horror films. Of course, we can not say that these roles do not mean anything, but still the majority of viewers will recognize Elijah only Frodo and no one else. Hostage one role? Not at all. Wood is trying to develop their abilities, but for now, on the threshold of the 32 th anniversary of the most discussed film with his participation - "The Lord of the Rings." Fault of the actor and it is not perhaps someday things will change and Wood finally get a symbolic character role, but so far he best describes your situation:

Good afternoon, my name is Elijah Wood, and I am a loser.

Now Elijah is not ready to give up your favorite character and soon we will see a few bands with the most vivid character actor.

I am the oldest of thirty-actor in the world.
Thanks to my mother, I began very early. Not everyone knows about it, but my first film role - a tiny episode in the second part of the "Back to the Future." We lived in Iowa, and when I was six, my mother saw some commercials with children and decided that all that they have done in the frame, I would have done better. So I was in a movie, and it seems that way in the movie were all child actors. But I'm happy that I did not repeat the fate that awaits most of them when they get older.
My name has several interpretations. The most popular - "messenger of God", but I prefer the "chosen».

I have worked with Salma Hayek and Brooke Shields. I even have their phone numbers. You'll hate me for this, but I never will call.
I'm not a star. Star - a ball of hot gas.
Outside of Hollywood also live people, but not everyone in Hollywood believe in this.

The strength of the movie is huge. Every time I meet Ian McKellen, I see before me Gandalf.
When in 1999 Peter Jackson invited me in "The Lord of the Rings", I was literally speechless until late at night could not speak. But my sister was worn around the house and squeal.
It seems I'm one of the few people who saw the crying Peter Jackson.

The most amazing thing in the books of JRR Tolkien is that even in moments of great triumph and present great tribulation.
After shooting Jackson really gave me that same ring. Now it is somewhere near me, but I do not know exactly where. I hid it - but somehow accidentally, not intentionally. Just put it in a box, pushed somewhere and since then has not seen.
I never thought that I would sell as a toy.

You can call me Frodo.
There are people who grew up on a movie, and there are people who grew up on the books. And I grew up with music.
When I was told that I will play Iggy Pop (in the biopic "Passenger"), I was scared to death. Obligations which are imposed on you such a role, can not be compared to anything else. Therefore, if you be perfectly honest, I even felt relieved when I was told that the project is frozen.

Only need to be taken for what scares you.
If I was not an actor, I'd be a secret agent.
The strangest thing that gave me a movie - it's a feeling that I can influence people's opinions. But I never learned how to use it, because I'm not sure that it must be used at all.

Sometimes being a part of the great better than just being a great.
Do not have any plans - is also a plan.
People spend too much time on it to be better than others.

It is very easy to beat someone for something. It is very difficult to overcome something within yourself.
It's hard to find a common language with those who did not believe that "The Empire Strikes Back" - is the most important film of the trilogy.
You have to be equally obsessed with what you love, and what you hate.

The most important thing that I learned after filming "Green Street Hooligans," is that sometimes the people who seem to us cruel and repulsive, live a more normal life than we do.
Most of all invoices hobbichih feet annoyed me that at the end of the day, they always smelled of urine.
I am a normal person. It is a pity, but the word "normal" has become so hackneyed that to be normal now almost indecent.

The most excruciating pain I experienced to date - this is my tattoo.
I never thought that would play at my funeral. Maybe something from the Zombies. Or Good vibrations. But it seems that it will be too positive.
Jazz - it's too old-fashioned way to put a girl into bed. Try Blue Lines by Massive Attack.

Dreams often come true, so that dream about the incredible.
I never had to work with those whom I can not stand on the spirit.
Not to be confused ideas and their interpretation.

No good cigarettes.
I never spoke with dogs.


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