Dead art

Have you ever heard anything about this genre pictures as "post-Mortes"? I tell the truth, until today no idea of ​​the existence of such, although already lived many years. It turns out the "post-Mortes," which means "death" in a certain kind of art, but art is that crawl ... Post-Mortem - a genre pictures, which show already dead people, presented in the form of living (sometimes even with their relatives Hello).

Photos are clearly not for the faint of heart, I warn you once ...

You may not believe it, but a long time ago was a tradition - taking pictures of the deceased after his death, so that his soul lived in the captured images. In those days it was considered quite normal, which was later transformed into a custom pictures of the funeral.

Now post-mortema gone, but evidence of the existence of such art is drizzling blood. The photo depicts not only the dead on the chairs (at that time there was special equipment to seat the deceased), but also small children, both at the hands of parents and children on ponies.

Our generation it seems horrible, but at the time the photo was a great luxury that people allow themselves only after the death of a loved one. By the time of death are treated not as they are now, because people have not even thought about how to capture more of a living person (sometimes just do not have time, because there was a big mortality, and died even newborns), and waiting for a certain hour - the hour of death - and called a special photographer to capture a loved one.

Human memory is arranged so that we quickly forget the faces of the people, and grieving relatives of the deceased, tried to leave the soul of a loved one in the picture and remember it forever.

Manners and customs then were just terrible, but who are we to judge them? By the way, some postmortem photographs of the dead look like living through the work of make-up artists (or whatever they were called in the 19th century?), Because they had to not only open the eyes of the dead (according to some sources the dead cut off for ever, according to other sources just to "draw the eye" ), but also to create the appearance that the person is alive or just sleeping.

But such a story I read when I did this post (about the dead girl and her mother): "She was the only daughter of her mother and died. A mother, mad with grief, refused to bury her. Shoved her into the cellar and held there for several weeks. Agreed to the funeral only if she took photos of her daughter how to live. Make-up artists and photographers had to try very much to have the actual start of rotting corpses give the appearance of living. Put it, gave up a book. Indeed, as a living turned out ».

Not a pleasant sight, but this once was. What can we say sometime recently saw pictures of the deceased B. Turchinsky lying on the floor, either in the hallway of his apartment, whether in the room. One is not clear who shot it? Some suggest that our pious police (oops, already the police), who arrived on a call. Okay more for the company with him sfotkalis, and that would be crazy enough and it is.

I would very much like to see this genre ever photo as "post-Mortem" is not made itself felt ...


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