Sochi Olympics or ... (11 pics + 1 video)

Every year the cost of the Olympics in Sochi are increasing, now this figure reached 1, 526 trillion, or 37, 5 billion euros.
That's five times more than the original estimate in 2007.
The Olympics will be the most expensive in the history of games.
Let's think about it and imagine what could be done for the development of sport in our country with that money.

Following the results of 2010 population census in 1100 settlements in Russia have the status of the city. In those cities, home to 97,524,023 person.

In each of these cities could be built a new swimming pool. For example, the one that opened December 12, 2012 in Pskov.
The length of the pool, "YSU" is 25 meters, width - 16, maximum depth - 180 cm, and a bowl of the pool has six lanes.

The total volume of investments - 132 million rubles. Multiply 1,100 cities - 145 billion 200 million rubles

The advantage of the swimming pool, in every city of the country could build an ice palace. Such, for example, in Vologda, opened December 28, 2012.

Construction cost: 201,762,412 rubles. rub.
Multiply 1,100 cities - 221 938 653 200

And in each city will build the new stadium. For example, as in Buryatia.
Central Stadium of the Republic of Buryatia - the main sports arena of Ulan-Ude and Republic of Buryatia is located in the city center on the embankment of the river Selenga. It is the largest sports facility in Buryatia. The stadium is equipped with modern equipment and can accommodate 10,000 spectators at the football field laid artificial turf Duraspine Ultra 60 last generation.

The cost of construction - 713, 13 million rubles. Multiply 1,100 cities - 784 443 000 000

In every city and construct a new Fitness center. For example, a good Centers opened in the area SeveroonezhskeArhangelskoy December 1, 2012.
The Fox posted a universal sports hall measuring 36 × 18 meters, two gyms, locker rooms with comfortable modern furniture, administrative and auxiliary facilities.

Price: 68, 7 million rubles. The whole country - 75570000000

Total, that in every city in the country to build a stadium, swimming pool, FLC and the Ice Palace took us 1227151653 200. That is, the money still.

According perepesi population of 2010 in our country, 18,711,251 male person between the ages of 5 and 25 years inclusive.
We give each of them a soccer ball. And not just as well for corporate ball «ADIDAS Tango'12 EURO 2012 OMB» -The official game model of the European Football Championship in 2012.

The cost of the ball - 3743 rubles (it is not wholesale, and retail).
Multiply all the male population between the ages of 5 and 25 years old - 70036212493

Also, each of them will present at a basketball «Spalding TF-500", made in the USA. Retail Price - 1599 rubles.

Total spend 29919290349

Every resident males between the ages of 5 to 25 years inclusive will present hockey skates «ATEMI ULTI Black JR« to 1590 for a couple of

Total: 29,750,889,090

Every girl and girl between the ages of 5 to 25 years inclusive (such as 18039965) Given figure skates «Atemi VISTA» of 1280 for a couple of

Get 23091155200

Also, each of them will present PoVOLEYBOLNOMU YACHU «Atemi AVC4S OCEAN» 290r of

Get: 5,231,589,850 rubles

EVERYONE (boys and girls, boys and girls) aged 5 - 25 years ROLLERS buy sportswear collection «OMEGA» to 1832 ruble / couple

Get: Rollers for 36,751,216 guys and girls will cost 67,328,227,712 p.

And everyone in the country 143 200 000 (2012) Given the steep jump rope with counter "Salory Jump (Bradex)» (349 rubles)

Get 49,976,800,000 p.

I am getting up: On the money vbuhali in the Sochi Olympics could be in all towns and cities to build on the new pool, a stadium, an ice palace, and FOCUS.
Every boy / boy aged 5-25 years give the soccer ball, basketball, hockey skates, roller skates
Every girl / girls aged 5-25 years to give the ball volleyball, figure skates, roller skates

And every single person in the country podariti rope with electronic counter.

And there would be about 20 billion rubles!

Thus, we would have provided the explosive growth of the sport in the country and tore all to any competition. Not to mention the promotion of sports and the nation's health. Instead, we will witness an expensive fireworks, has nothing to do with the development of sports in the country.



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