Child Models

Yes, yes, yes. I was also surprised to learn how much, it turns out, the models among children. Or children among the models. Pakarinen Christina, Christina Pimenov and Anastasia Bezrukov is not the only ones. It would seem that these stars only appeared in the firmament of the modeling business, and already so much time to get ...

For example, to see a track record of Jeannette Kostyukova, I was much surprised. The little girl born on October 27 of 2005, that is, it is now only 5. But this girl incredible performance: she participated in numerous fashion shows, including JNBY, Stillini, Stilissimini and Kangaroo brand D & G, in more than 30 photography, including including various catalogs, magazines and online stores, as well as several appearances on the covers of various kinds of publications.


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