Facts about Eminem

If you're somewhere you hear the word "rap", who first comes to mind? Of course, Eminem. Yes, maybe somebody comes to mind Gough, but I still suggest you also check out the facts about Eminem.

1. Eminem liked Madonna, when he was 11 years old.

2. When Eminem was small, relatives called him Mickey, because the boy had protruding ears. A sort of Mickey Mouse.

3. Few people know that the real name of Eminem - Marshall Bruce Meters III.

4. Marshall continually reads various dictionaries, that he devotes a few hours and my free time in the evening - so it expands their vocabulary, to rhyme.

5. Eminem suffers from myopia.

6. Eminem adores the movie The Matrix.

7. In winter 1983 Marshall so severely beaten that he was in a coma for ten days. Generally, Eminem live in a dangerous area, which did not like white.
Once I got home from the other. Then I drove by three black guys in the car. Show me the finger, I told them - in return, well, like everything. But they stopped the car ... One came and moved me in the face so that I fell. Then he pulled out a gun. I literally jumped out of the shoe. I thought they needed shoes. But his shoes were not needed.

8. Eminem - left-handed.

9. Eminem took a break in his career for four years, because he was a drug addiction.

10. Eminem Elton John dedicated his song Rocket Man.

11. Eminem got into the Guinness Book of Records as the "fastest-selling rap musician." It is noteworthy that it is the only rap musician who got into the record books.

12. He usually wears a platinum ring and bracelet on which is written "DAD" - "Dad".

13. A song about an imaginary fan of Eminem's Stan, who tired of waiting for a response to its letter to his idol, puts his pregnant girlfriend in a truck and drives off the bridge. In the song, Eminem writes Stan and response by writing, realizes that Stan is suicide, which he heard the news. By the way, in the year of 2001 Eminem performed the song with Elton John, who sang of Dido. The Association for the protection of the rights of gays and lesbians (GLAAD) protested against this speech, because I think that the song has antigeyskie hints: in response to the phrase admirer "We could be in place," Eminem said: "That's why we do not have to meet" .

14. When Eminem proezhaetsya by Moby, he drops the phrase «Nobody listens to Techno!» (Nobody listens to techno!). The phrase became popular samples in techno community. Generally, Moby and Eminem do not really favor one another.

15. The most common GM buys clothes size XXL.

16. The stage name of Marshall Metersa formed from the first letters of his initials - «M & M.

17. 13-14 Em started to participate in local battles, where he was the only white. He said:
Hey you, white smelly bastard, get out to play your rock 'n' roll!

18. For his former wife Kimberly Scott Eminem met when he was 15 years old.

19. Eminem has a daughter, who is now 15 years old. Eminem loves her and devoted to her 3 songs (Hailie's song, Mockingbird & When I'm gone). GM wanted to be a better father for Hailie than his father was to him. In some of his songs Um Haley asks for forgiveness.

19. Slim Shady - a character invented by Eminem, vile bastard, the dark side of Ema. He burst onto the scene in 1997.
Slim Shady - it's all the evil thoughts that come into my head. The things that I should not think. I think you need people to be able to determine when I'm serious and when to play the fool. Because most of my songs - funny. I have a sense of humor at all deformed.

20. When only Eminem became a superstar, unexpectedly announced his native father, whom Eminem has never before seen, and his own mother filed a lawsuit in the amount of 10 million dollars, citing the fact that Eminem song "plunged her into an emotional stress, caused damage to it reputation and led to the loss of self-esteem. " The Court has lost a mother, having received only 25 thousand dollars.

21. During the interview, Eminem impression is very polite and quiet man. They say that several times guards would not let him in the dressing room intended for it, here is such a humble he was.

22. Eminem does not smoke and likes a drink "Mountain Dew». By the way, "PEPSI Co".

23. It is rumored that all applicants contract with Shady Records pass through freestyle battles with Eminem.

24. He acted in the famous "8 Mile." In 2013, allegedly involving Ema will go another 2 film.

25. The school has over Eminem mocked because he often hummed the melody itself under his breath, but did not notice it. This habit stayed with him until now.

Glory - it's not what I'm looking for. I want you to respect me. But, you know, fame - it's something that comes complete with respect. And I agree to it, because, you see, respect can not feed my daughter. So, let him be the glory.


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