How not to get lost in the family?

You amicable and large family? Can not remember what you have all of your relatives? We will help you to understand!
1) Parents of the couple

Svyokor - the father of her husband.

In-law - mother of her husband.

In-law - the father of his wife.

In-law - the wife's mother.

Swat - the father of one of the spouses in relation to the parents of the other spouse.

Swat (matchmaker) - the mother of one of the spouses in relation to parents of the other spouse.

2) Brothers and sisters, spouses

Devereaux - husband's brother.

In-law - the sister of her husband.

In-law - the brother of his wife.

Shurich - (obsolete) son, brother in law.

Sister-- my wife's sister.

Brother-in-law - the husband of his wife's sister.

Yatrov - the wife of her husband's brother (brother-wife).

3) The husband of a close relative

In-law - my sister's husband, daughter, sister-in. In other words, in-law - a man in relation to his wife's family.

Vdomnik - in-law, father-in or adopted mother-house, on one farm.

Sister in law - a son, brother, brother in law. In other words, the daughter - a woman in relation to her husband's family.

Daughter in law - the wife of a son towards his father (svёkru) and mother (in-law).


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