The most common errors that can be tolerated without knowing the rules of etiquette. Read, train and become cultural - interesting etiquette.
1. Never come to visit without calling
If you visited without warning, can afford to be in a bathrobe and curlers. One British woman said that the appearance of the intruders, she always puts on shoes, a hat and take an umbrella. If a person is pleasant to her, she exclaims: "Ah, well, I just came!". If unpleasant, "Oh, what a pity, I have to go».

2. Umbrella never dried in the open state - either in the office or at a party. It needs to be folded and put in a special stand or hang.

3. The bag should not be placed on your lap or on your chair. A small elegant handbag, clutch bag, you can put on the table, bulk bag to hang on the back of a chair or put on the floor, if there is a special chair (such is often served in restaurants). The portfolio put on the floor.

4. Plastic bags are only permitted after returning from the supermarket, as well as paper bags, branded boutiques. Then wear them with you as a bag - zhlobstvo.

5. The man never wears handbags. And women's coats it takes just to convey to the locker room.

6. Home clothes - a pants and a sweater, comfortable, but with a decent view. Bathrobe, pajamas are meant to reach the bathroom in the morning and in the evening - from the bathroom to the bedroom.

7. Since then, as the child resides in a separate room, accustomed to knock, coming toward him. Then he will do the same, before entering your bedroom.

8. A woman can not shoot indoors hat and gloves, but no hat and mittens.

9. The total number of ornaments on the international protocol should not exceed 13 items, and, this includes jewelry buttons. Over the gloves do not wear a ring, but the bracelet is permissible. The darker the street, the more expensive jewelry. Diamonds once considered a decoration for the evening and married women, however, has recently become permissible to wear diamonds in the afternoon. For a young girl stud earrings with diamond about 0, 25 carats is quite appropriate.

10. Terms of payment order in a restaurant: if you say the phrase: "I invite you" - which means you pay. If a woman invites a business partner in a restaurant, it pays. Another formulation: "Let's go to a restaurant" - in this case, each person pays for himself and only if the man himself offers to pay for a woman, she may agree.

11. The man is always the first part of the elevator, but the output of the first one who is closer to the door.

12. The vehicle is considered to be the most prestigious seat behind the driver, it is a woman, a man sits down next to her, and when he comes out of the machine, holds the door and takes the lady's hand. If a man is sitting behind the wheel, the woman is also preferable to take a seat behind him. However, where a woman is not sitting, the man must open the door for her and help out. In the business etiquette in recent years more and more men violate this rule, using the slogan of feminists: "In business, there are no women and men».

13. To say publicly that you are sitting on a diet - a bad tone. Moreover, it is impossible under this pretext to refuse food offered by the hospitable hostess. Be sure to praise her culinary talents, while you do not have. You should also deal with alcohol. Why you can not drink - it's your problem. Ask a dry white wine and a little sip.

14. Topics taboo for polite conversation: politics, religion, health, money. Inappropriate question: "God, what a dress! How much do you pay? ". How to respond? Cute smile: "It's a gift!" Turn the conversation to another topic. If the interviewee insists gently say, "I would not want to speak about it».

15. Every person who has reached 12 years, relying on contact, "You." Disgusting to hear our "elite" tells "you" waiters, or drivers. Even those people with whom you are familiar, in the office better handle on the "you", "you" - only in private. Exception - if you peers or close friends. How to react if the person obstinately "pokes" to you? Please ask again: "Excuse me, you turn to me?" If you do not help, look around in bewilderment: "Excuse me, you got me you mean?" The next phase - neutral shrug: "Sorry, but we did not go on" you ».

16. Discuss the missing, ie, simply gossip, is unacceptable. It is not permissible to speak ill of relatives, in particular to discuss their husbands, as we have taken. If the husband is bad - why are you with him razvedeshsya? And just as impermissible to disdain, with a grimace speak about his native country. "In this country, all the redneck ..." - in this case, you also belong to this category of people.


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