Ambassadors of honor

It was already a post about the celebrities who are not stingy, give the money to charity. Today I want to talk about the stars, who were appointed goodwill ambassador of the UN. Of course, we all know about Angelina Jolie and her activities as an ambassador of goodwill - she visits the children, soldiers, refugees worldwide. But she was not alone. In fact, many celebrities are willing to spend their time and effort to help people in need. Let's see who are they? These are people who have been successful thanks to the talent and beauty, and now use their success to help others.

1. Maria Sharapova

2. Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

3. Angelina Jolie

4. Charlize Theron

5. Maria Grazia Cucinotta - known Italian actress

6. Lara Dutta - Indian actress and former Miss Universe

7. Catarina Furtado - Portuguese actress

8. Gisele Bundchen

9. Liya Kebede - Ethiopian model

10. Nicole Kidman

11. Naomi Watts


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