Top 10 Best Disney soundtracks

Show me a person who does not love Disney cartoons! There are no such? And how can you not love them, because for many of us they are an integral part of childhood. But these cartoons would not be so wonderful without magical soundtracks, many of which, by the way, at one time not only spectator worthy of love, but also the award "Oscar". So, I offer you my personal top 10 Disney soundtracks.

10th place - Reflection («Mulan»)

Amazing song by a young, still an unknown Christina Aguilera. Beautiful, strong voice. Well, he has not changed over time ... as a figure of the singer.

9th - The Siamese Cat Song («Lady and the Tramp»)

The song is not particularly dynamic, but fun. And what a cat!

8th place - Go the distance («Hercules»)

One of my favorite cartoon! But the version of the song by Michael Bolton I like more than the version played by Hercules in the cartoon, so I spread it. And nominations for "Oscar" in the bargain.

7th place - Kiss the girl («The Little Mermaid»)

A romantic ballad, similar to those performed by balconies favorite ladies. In the beginning, it may seem a little boring, but the finale is impressive. So promise that the examination and listen to the end!

6th place - Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat («Aristocats»)

Not the most famous cartoon studio Disney, but my advice to those who have not seen it - must see! He is such a nice and funny, and the cats are just superb. Very old cartoon - 1970.

5th place - Can you feel the love tonight («The Lion King»)

Song by Elton John. One of the best romantic songs of all time (in my subjective opinion). Not for nothing was she won in '94 and "Oscar" and "Golden Globe».

4th place - Under the sea («The Little Mermaid»)

The most incendiary! Just hear it and start to dance, whether you're standing, sitting or lying.

3rd place - Beauty and the beast («Beauty and the Beast»)

There are two versions of the song - the one that sounds in the cartoon, official and - by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. The latter is simply gorgeous - with such voices just can not be otherwise.

2nd place - Colors of the wind («Pocahontas»)

To my shame, "Pocahontas" I first looked about three years ago (before the uplifting overcurrent diploma). Cartoon left me completely happy, well, the song became one of my most favorite. Vanessa Williams sings it (yes, the one that Rene of "Desperate Housewives") - Luxury woman with a magnificent voice, thanks to which "Pocahontas" cut off "Oscar" in 1995.

I never for a moment doubted what the composition to make the winner of my personal stamp of the best Disney soundtracks. It was from her I had goose bumps. That's it, we sing with her best friend the karaoke (or trying to), after a few glasses of sparkling wine. It was she who, paradoxically though it sounded after the wine reminds me of my happy childhood with pirated videotapes translation Mikhalev and play "Aladdin" on the console Dandy. Ta-da-da-dum!

1st place - A whole new world («Aladdin»)

Amazing song, a magic-magic-magic. Spread two versions: the first version of the cartoon ...

... The second version of the official (in my opinion, the best). Performed - Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle. Many awards - the Oscar, Golden Globe, Grammy, etc. etc.


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