Let's play a game - try to guess who of famous people hiding under the original, and sometimes and marvelous masks? Let's go! Who's that girl in the Mexican sombrero and a mask at a party dedicated to Halloween?

Yes this is a pop princess Britney Spears!

And who we hiding from the paparazzi in such an original way, wearing a paper bag on his head?

Funny Shia LaBeouf!

And this celebrity will just guess attentive readers of our site ...

Of course, under the guise of the airport hid his face beauty Katy Perry!

And now attention, fans of the series "Gossip Girl"! You must sign this episode ...

Inimitable Taylor Momsen!

Wow! Wow! I wonder who is this tigress?

Kesha ...

Another prankster. And as he breathes inside a plastic bag?

Matthew Bellamy. Wow, choked!

And this is who we have coming out of the bar all so mysterious?

Rose Arianna McGowan!

Ltd., almost Zorro!

Pete Wentz.

So, now experts in the movie! Which star wore a mask while filming?

That's right! Seth Rogen.


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