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Celebrities can afford all the charm of this mortal world, all the "Blahnik" and "Louboutin", "Birkin" and "Mont Blanc". There may even trash bags to decorate the crystals from the "Swarovski". But there is in fact, they only give a reason to bundle up in a flaw! Of course, there are stars whose firm negligence and deliberate inaccuracy look very stylish and "delicious" (I, for example, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss), but the rest of it look much! (certainly not looking in the mirror, yeah ...)

Compete with street beggars can make not only eternally dirty and drunk rockers, but also quite respectable person ...

Well, Brad Pitt, suppose. The problem of the guys that he categorically did not like to shave. Sometimes to get a haircut. It feels like Angie, who, by the way, always looks good, leave all children Bredushku while she shops and a spa.

Carey Mulligan. Star series only 26 years old, but she already looks like a real boozer, which begs a couple of rubles on the station square. And another question - what fashion such decorate bare feet ugg boots? And where celebrities are purchased fufakami in which my grandmother garden digs?

And on the red carpet Carey looks so cutie ...

Britney Spears. Britney, I'm tired of you to read and write. But how much can you! You have 30 years, and you're letting yourself is! Says a great Coco Chanel: "A woman who for 30 years has not become beautiful, just stupid!" Come on, Britney, it's that simple: wash off makeup before going to bed, my head, do manicures, join a gym, finally ... And yet - agree that you are not the most perfect feet (Take all the shorts in the trash) and not the most beautiful breasts (buy a bra, children are watching!)

Vanessa Hudgens. It feels like Vanessa considers himself a miracle how beautiful and comely, such as "all you, my dear, good clothes." Somehow it's all funny looks from the side. Did not she earned himself enough money to dress in decent shops, not at the local Chinese market or flea market "all the blouse of one buck." And sometimes it seems that our "brilliant" actress pulled the clothes from the nearest dustbin.

Vanessa in pink panties. Next - a mom and a sister. It is clear to whom she was so untidy ...

Pay attention to the spots on the pants. Hmm ...

Kristen Stewart. To disguise his "unkosher" look, the actress decimated by rock star - alleged and intended. While it may be decimated by her boyfriend - Robert squash with his unwashed and uncombed hair.

Madonna. Madonna has a habit - to dress up sometimes, so that though stand, though fall. But, you know, somehow not annoying. It is even in the form of a bum looks cute :-)

Megan Fox. The actress is the same problem as that of Vanessa - "I am the queen, and so" they pants and one double are like. And the shoes! "In these uggah died 3 generations of glamorous kitty».

Mischa Barton. Girl she certainly is not bad, but ... Before the appearance of Britney she, of course, far away, but these eternal "slimming-potolstenie" terrible cheap clothes and general sloppiness does not inspire confidence. Still, she should be anxious, tender and "vanilla» :-)

Matt Damon. By Matt overall pritenzy not, this look just killed me - the actor looks like the village idiot.

Selma Blair. We met on the streets aunts, dressed in the style of "goodbye youth"? Those. in things that were fashionable way ... tsat years ago. It seems to be normal, but it's ridiculous. Selma also sometimes looks like a native of the "nostalgic party».

Sarah Jessica Parker. Well, I do not believe that Carrie Bradshaw brilliant ... does not exist. Life Evil: W

Uma Thurman. Actress - fan knitted hats and feather, which adds charm and so not too attractive appearance. Anyone who says that Uma Beauty - poke me in the place that you feel beautiful. Although the actress is good, do not argue.

Helena Bonham Carter. With all due respect I want to say that the image of the city crazy not always appropriate. Hey, Helen, do you not bend the stick?

And this is not an exhaustive list, I have not included here and other star Dirty sluts, not to mention those who have lost a human face because of drugs and alcohol.

We are sorry that the photo a different format - is a stylistic device, sloppy layout images further underlines the carelessness of our favorite stars :-)


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