Photos of Georges dam

Classic French fashion photos Georges dam was born in 1925. His career has contributed to the well-known photographer of his Majesty the case - a young man at the right time in the right place, namely in post-war Paris in night club Le Jimmy. There's George accidentally collided with a movie star Rita Hayworth in those years, when his hand is not quite by chance was the camera. Do not click the film star would be a terrible connivance - just luck would be offended, but the dam was not, and after a few days, he was traded to the French newspaper, Pierre Lazareff Dimanche, a subject of bargaining were his exclusive photos of Hollywood stars. As a result, management of publication surrendered, and George was admitted to the state newspaper.
I said that I did not need the money, but the position of staff photographer will just kstati.Tak and began his career, and later he had already achieved this recognition as a leading fashion photographer. This happened, largely due to its innovation: where did all the fancy shooting stationary studios dam was not afraid to bring their models to sunlight, which were crowded streets of Paris. This output "out" was a landmark event in the history of fashion photography 50s. Since then, George managed to remove the dam for ELLE magazine's most beautiful women of her time - Brigitte Bardot, cappuccino, Marie-Helene Arnault, Ivy Nicholson, Bettina Graziani, sisters model Dorian Leigh, Suzy Parker and others.


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