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Frontman «Muse» and current husband of actress Kate Hudson, Matthew Bellamy has a surprisingly attractive voice. His falsetto is one of the main advantages of the group, apart from the beautiful lyrics and music, which is a pleasure to listen to. In my opinion «Muse» one of the most interesting bands of today, but so far as I know too little about them to tell you something interesting, therefore, limited to personal photo Matthew. If you listen to at least one album of the group, make sure you discover new artists who otreshat you from pop (if you just took). Matthew became the guitarist and singer is not accidental, because His father also played guitar in various groups, but the son was able to do what he could not do his father. It became popular. Currently Bellamy is married to Kate Hudson, the newly formed family cares about his son Bing, who was born on July 9 last year. Now Matt is not only a musician and her husband, but the father.


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