Photo Daniel Radcliffe

"Harry Potter" Daniel Radcliffe is not lost and at 22, a young actor does not become hostage to a single role. Now Dan in the movie "Kill Your Darlings," which became his colleague in the same perspective, Elizabeth Olsen, and recently in theaters died down thriller "The Woman in Black," which became the most successful British horror over the past 20 years (soon to begin filming continued) . At the same time, Dan is not removed in all the pictures in a row, and chooses the most worthy, for which he is a huge plus. This boy grew up in front of the whole world, so for many it keeps cams and I'm sure he will not disappoint us. The heart of this joyful and talented guy already taken, so the girls can at the time (and maybe forever?) Forget about dreams to be close to the actor and just wish him every success. His heart was stolen assistant director and artist Rosie Coker. A great actor and a nice guy - two in one, a rare combination.


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