Modern glamor queen

... And simply beautiful women)

Paris and Nicky Hilton. A family trip to the island of Maui

Paris and her favorite doll

Nicole Richie Lionel Richie

Lindsay Lohan

Ashley Tisdale. This photo 26-year-old actress was props series "Hellcats" and appears in one of its episodes

"I and my first monkey!" - So it is signed photo of Demi Moore on Twitter. I am confused by the word "first." Apparently, she had a lot obezyan. Not Bruce and Ashton coincidence of names?

Kristin Cavallari mom

This is the first feature shot Katy Perry. In the photo the star 11 years

Drew Barrymore

Alyssa Milano

Halloween. 1992. Kim and Chloe Kardashian

This Kylie Kardashian, she Kylie Jenner


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