Dresses that visually make a figure slimmer - saving tool for celebrities, with any build. Whether it is a reed or lady Keira Knightley with forms of Britney Spears, because you always want to make the waist smaller and wider hips to get the most beautiful and attractive body shape, which is called something better than the rest - "hourglass". Dresses-illusion may well help in this, but you need to choose the right outfit so, but otherwise everything is not as it was originally intended.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

And minded person it is clear that the model perfect figure (if it is not the size + of course), but even Rosie, characterized sportswear toned figure, seeks to bring the body to perfection with the help of "magic clothes." This monochrome dress, she looks very thin, but this fragility is the highlight.

Kate Moss

Another model, but there is already more than the former than the current, but in spite of this figure Kate remained in a fairly model state. She has always lacked a thin waist and voila - it came through the dress-illusion, hiding her extra inches on each side of the abdomen on both sides.

Yasmin Le Bon

Not the best and not the worst of those dresses that I saw on the tracks at the stars, but behind the black cloth is clearly superfluous, even though you might think that this is a special cape and Yasmin incredibly slim figure. Hmm, I doubted anything about the fact that this is NOT the cape, even if it is terrible. If you look down, it's exactly the part of the dress, as if to look at waist region, it is clearly a cape. Illusion - terrible force, and I myself was confused :)

Kate Winslet

Simply the best! Without many words. By the way, if the background was black, the effect would have been even steeper.

Jennifer Aniston

If a long look at that dress-holder Jennifer Aniston everything will float before my eyes, so it is very admire an actress. Dress interesting, original and very much I like it.

Victoria Beckham

To whom, but not Vicki wear such dresses. She's just skin and bones (sorry, but true) and she would like our table to prevent, rather than to dress up in too tight dresses, so even with such an effect. You do not think that I was not pretty Beckham, on the contrary, when the health of her four children something important to preserve, and diet - it is such garbage. Better I ate normally, engage in sports and would be healthy and radiant.

Gwyneth Paltrow

This should have been in the post about the cuts, but if so, then to the waist Gwyneth riveted attention, even though I did not notice much of a difference between a closed and an open piece of the abdomen. Talia has not diminished one iota.

Olivia Wilde

Beautiful dress and beautiful Olivia. A waist and has already become true.

Whitney Port

The effect is not rolling, but sorry.

Kylie Minogue

I love Kylie as a singer, but from this angle it looks choice is not the best. Dress more fully than do leaner, but again, that view despicable thing and can make even the worst of the most well-fed lady hudyshku.

Jennifer Hudson

She lost weight, of course, exactly. It is a pity that there were streamers and breasts sagged, but I think she was sure that it was worth it. The dress made of the already slim figure Jennifer More slimmer, but still pose udelala plus all the fatties that wanted to lose weight on the program of the Hudson.

Britney Spears

Princess is not the same, but what can we do something ticking watch, especially since many krovushki Federline drank. This mini dress horoshenechko utyanulo Brit, but I did not see the illusion.

Keira Knightley

There was a beauty, but has become even better. A few pounds, she added that in recent years, it did not spoil, and even decorate. Dress - ideal!


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