23 and 24 May


35-year-old Natalia Oreiro appeared at the Cannes Film Festival and in the blink of an eye journalists began scribbling article titled "The Argentine actress much older!" In order to somehow attract attention. But it is logical that it has changed since the days of "Wild Angel" because it is not 20, and 35, although it is still oh how far into old age. If the Western media coverage of public life Nati better, they would have realized that it looks like this for a long time. By the way, she recently gave birth to a son, and quickly led her figure in the order (see. Post about Cannes), for which she separate praise.

May 25 held a friendly football match between the national teams of Russia and Uruguay, on the eve of the European Football Championship in 2012, and our team is at full strength, led by coach Dick Advocaat (who, incidentally, will leave the team immediately after the event) held a training session at the stadium Eduard Streltsov .

Prince Charles tries himself in a new role. A few weeks ago, the Prince visited as a TV presenter, and most recently stood behind the decks. 63-year-old prince + + DJ broadcaster decided thus follow the example of his youngest son, Harry, who was carried away as we know the DJ business is not a joke and is now preparing its own set reggae.

On the red carpet at Cannes Brad Pitt saluted aviator sunglasses 40 000 rubles. This fashion accessory for the type of sound trite, but it turned out that the glasses are covered with 18-carat pink gold. Not bad!

Al-Hodeidah Governorate in Yemen: Women in anticipation of monetary subsidies ...

... And the lesson of personal hygiene.

Niggeriysky boy stands on a background of illegally harvested hardwood. Cutting down trees in Nigeria - a common phenomenon, but as well as the lack of food (the boy really quite thin, as many look scary, although I know that in those places there pohlesche ...).

Workers are protesting, protesting students, but even children are protesting in Italy. Small Protestants took to the streets in Italian yellow costumes and masks to show how dirty the air, and how they feel uncomfortable to live in such conditions.

Lebanese protesters burn everything that comes their way. The rally was held in connection with the kidnapping of at least 13 Lebanese pilgrims, which, as many think, stole the "Free Syrian Army". Militants "army", in turn, denied any involvement in what has happened.

A woman in a colorful way of holding their way to the temple of El Rocio, where many pilgrims every year going.

A powerful storm swept recently in Yekaterinburg. Information about the victims after the disaster vary, but they say that seriously injured only one person - a builder, which fell from the fifth floor of a strong gust of wind.

The youngest billionaire and founder of America on Facebook Michael Zuckerberg after the wedding with my girlfriend looked very pretty, but his joy was marred sharp drop in stock prices Facebook. On the ruin of not talking, but they say that it seriously poshatnёt credibility Facebook.

An asterisk series "The Big Bang Theory" Jim Parsons admitted that he was gay. Jim for 10 years a stable relationship with a man.


In the port city of Kittery (USA) lit submarine «Miami». Throughout the day, rescuers could not extinguish the flames, resulting in six people injured, including one firefighter caught in the release of an open flame.

Scheduled for May 28 celebration of the birthday of the Buddha, which actively prepared the followers of Buddhism. Look, some of them are even little boys.

Three countries - Ecuador, Chile and Japan - made an official statement about the fact that they do not agree with the increase in tariffs for passage through the Panama Canal, as they were not notified in advance.

Fleet Week opens in the United States. More than six thousand sailors and marines of the United States and other countries will participate in this event. Holiday parade will open from 23 ships.

In the Los Angeles premiere of the film "Forbidden Zone", where the head of the storyline is such nezaytelivaya story:

Six young extreme tourists arrived on vacation in Ukraine. Upon learning that the exclusion zone are organized tours, they hire a guide and go for an unforgettable experience. And these do not make them wait long. It seemed that the radioactive city empty and abandoned. There's nothing left alive. But as soon as the sun hides behind the horizon, Pripyat alive. Inhuman screams rocked the night air. Hapless travelers in terror and panic. They understand that they are not alone in this dead city.

TV Tower in Tokyo called "Sky Tree" completed. Back in 2011, it recognized the tallest TV tower in the world, but now it has surpassed all expectations - its height is 634 meters (2080 feet).

Girl hiding from the police patrol in the vicinity of Guadalupe.


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