Wedding Drew Barrymore

Detach and tomboy in the past, and now Drew Barrymore expectant mother for the third time married last Saturday, June 2.

Elect of the actress became a consultant for the sale of works of art Will Kopelman.

At the wedding were invited about 200 guests. According to one istochnikam, venue celebration was an estate in Montecito movie star, California, other publications write that third star wedding took place in the home producer "Charlie's Angels" Leonard Goldberg.

The bride wears a white dress from the house Chanel, and Cameron Diaz was invited to the role of bridesmaid.

In this picture at that time still a future in-law Drew dress girl veil.

Journalists say, that the cause of the wedding was a pregnancy Drew.

But whatever it was really wish young love, happiness and Zdorovenki child).


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