Short Hollywood marriages

Not so long ago we learned that Kim Kardashian, staging a dream wedding, which was broadcast on television for the American audience of many millions, filed for divorce after just 72 days after the solemn event. In fact, this is not an uncommon phenomenon in Hollywood. I offer you a selection of celebrities who quickly gave up on a joint life and did not celebrate the anniversary of marriage.

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Cmelo can say that such a trend began to Rudolph Valentino and Jean Acker in 1919. American silent film actors were married, barely knowing each other. Jean, in principle, it is preferred to women and for anyone not a secret. Not surprisingly, the couple quarreled even on their wedding night, which never took place. Rudolf begged Jin to change their mind, but it was all in vain. Divorce was officially issued 2 years later. Marriage brought spouses notoriety. Jean Ekker but kept her husband's name, because at that time he became very popular.

The only married Renee Zellweger, which we know for a long time met with Bradley Cooper, has noted her short marriage, by coincidence also lasted for 4 months in 2005. They say that the country singer Kenny Chesney, who met with the actress during a charity concert, just could not stand the constant press attention and realized that he was not ready for marriage.

Drew Barrymore has hit the previous list with his first marriage to a New York bartender Jeremy Thomas, and second, it is a strange alliance actress reached not long - 4 months. Not filed for divorce, the actress and her husband - the comedian Tom Green. In spite of that, he said that Drew - beautiful woman he loves her and wants her to be happy. And also advised people not to marry / marry the star of the first echelon. In a recent interview, Tom said he never saw Drew after the divorce, ie since 2001.

Drew considers himself a hopeless romantic, and continues to look for the same purpose, only. She tied a serious relationship with The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti and actor Justin Long.

Perhaps the actress finally finds happiness with the son of a former general director of Chanel in the US Will Koppelmanom.

Pamela Anderson's life little is taught. After a 4-month marriage to singer Kid Rock in 2006, a year later, she married Rick Salomon, known for the most part their participation in the piquant video recording with Paris Hilton. The couple divorced after 2 months, but not for long relationship restored and after the divorce.

Pamela in their "wedding" bikini

Pamela at the party on the occasion of her marriage to Solomon.

Wedding cake

Even before being branded Hollywood womanizer, 2001 Colin Farrell thought it was time to settle down. Chosen Irish became an English actress Amelia Warner. The wedding took place in Bora Bora. The actor made a tattoo with the name of his wife's ring finger. However, tattooing was destined to survive longer than most marriages. The couple divorced in 4 months. Later, the question of what went wrong Colin replied laconically:
Too fast, too young

Nicolas Cage, an ardent fan of Elvis Presley, 10 August 2002 he married the daughter of the king - Lisa Marie, after three months of relations. Love Cage to the singer, proved stronger than the love of a girl. Couple divorced in late November of the same year.

In February 1997, Jennifer Lopez married Noa Odzhani - Cuban-born waiter. The couple divorced a month before the first anniversary of marriage. Since then, Jennifer regularly suing ex-husband, who just wants to publish the book, to release a film about his life with the singer, including shots to shoot home. Apparently, Jennifer has something to hide, because her lawyers persistently win in all proceedings, giving Odzhani to implement his plans.

The second time, the choice fell on Jennifer dancer of her crew - Chris Judd. They met on the set of clip «Love Do not Cost a Thing». The wedding took place in September 2001. According to different sources couples living together lasted from four to ten months. Jennifer started dating Ben Affleck before her divorce was finalized on paper in January 2003.

The first of the eight great Elizabeth Taylor marriage lasted 7 months. The reason for the divorce was that seemingly honorable chosen actress - Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, more than respectable family, in fact, turned out to be an avid gamblers, alcoholics and drug addicts, who beat Elizabeth, leading to miscarriage. Later, Conrad married oil tycoon heiress and became the father of two children. He died at age 42 of a heart attack.

The star of "Charmed" and "Beverly Hills: 90210" Shannen Doherty at the age of 22 she married Ashley Hamilton, then still unknown to anybody who comes from an acting family. Young people were familiar only 2 weeks. The wedding was more than modest - the bride walked down the aisle barefoot in silk robe. Divorce was issued in 4 months. The reason for the divorce served as an ardent temperament of the young wife, who was young gentlemen loved to threaten its guns. After that Ashley began a musical career, and even worked with Robbie Williams.

Second marriage Shannen lasted 7 months. The groom was already mentioned above, Rick Salomon, who do not understand what attracts famous women. This must be what that magic charms, because after dating to wedding took only 2 days.

This summer, Shannen was married to photographer Kurt Isvarienko, saying in an interview that had learned its lesson and now understands the importance of marriage. Hopefully the third time she was lucky.


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