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Madonna, in spite of all prejudices, shocking the audience again and again, and her daughter Lourdes Leon just preparing to do so. Not exactly she prepares, and by and large the famous Lourdes Mom prepares for it. A few years ago, Madonna's daughter could become a budding actress, because she is invited to several projects, but my mother was against it, and had to give Lourdes. As Madonna herself later said: "I do not want my daughter to have exploited a child, I want her to be grown up and she decided, than willing to do." While potential areas of activity in 15-year-old Lourdes Leon is very much: it can become a singer and as a mom and an actress, and fashion designer, and model and simply socialite. Whoever she began to be influential person her way ordered. Already, everyone notices the similarity of Lourdes and Madonna sample 80, so expect surprises from the daughter of the Queen of provocation is certainly worth.

While Lourdes was not a star, but all the prerequisites for such a status it has ... By the way, now is Lourdes with Madonna on the tour, which is engaged in costumes mom.


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