The age of happiness

In his 64 years, Lourdes Bergada lead lives which are the envy of most thirty-somethings. She is a beautiful, stylish woman, her career is in full bloom, she travels a lot in his spare time with the grandkids and claims it's much nicer than to raise children. She quite frankly admits that after 60 came the happiest time in her life.

Lourdes Bergada — designer clothes. It makes very bright, super today, and it is very sought-after things. It was her experience, the acquisition of which take years, allows her to freely create, without losing connection with reality, and not forgetting about the interests of the buyer.

"After finishing a collection, I often immediately start the next one, she says. For me the main condition for a happy life after 50 — a professional implementation."

Lourdes is engaged in costume design from his youth, but claims that now is the most fruitful time in her life. Her creativity has only increased and in addition to him experience, which gives her invaluable confidence in themselves and their abilities.
At Lourdes has its own, small but well-organized design Studio. On one level there are computers here at Lourdes, together with her designers creates a new model. And the lower level — a few professional seamstresses immediately made samples. When all samples for a new collection fully ready, straight from the workshop of Lourdes, they go to factories, and from there to the stores.

The organization of the Studio — also the result of years of experience. The Studio is designed so that allows Lourdes to work with the greatest pleasure and dedication, not wasting time on trivia.

Lourdes General claims that the main advantage of her age lies in the fact that over the years she learned to live and now uses this skill in order to receive from life maximum pleasure. This of course applies to her work. But not only that.

One of the major advantages that Lourdes Bergada appreciate in his current age — the opportunity to freely manage their own time. She travels a lot. For the sake of business as before, but just for the sake of new experiences and opportunities to see new places.

And it's not only that young for travel was neither the time nor the money. Just with age, Lourdes has learned to strike a balance between work and free time which she can devote yourself.

Not less than one delivers Lourdes return home.
Lourdes Bergada lives out of town, in a small, quiet village.

"Fifty years I lived in Barcelona, and very tired from the city life, she says. — Cheap so I bought a very old house, we architect almost completely rebuilt it the way I like. Now every time I come home with great pleasure."
Her children are grown, living their own lives and regularly bring grandchildren to visit. And even, as it turns out, there are advantages to age.

"To be honest, to babysit their grandchildren even better than children," says Lourdes.

She admits that she lives in fear of age, and only now realize how groundless were these fears.
"My life has only gotten better with age, I had a lot more opportunities, says Lourdes. Now, if I don't, only because I don't want to. Not because I can't."


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