A man comes to get a janitor in the company Microsoft ......

HR manager first asked him a few questions, and then performs a quick test (offers
sweep of the area), and finally announce the decision:
- Have you taken leave your email address so that we can tell you at what
place and what day you will have for the first time to come to work.
- But I have a computer and some do not - perplexedly man - not that
e-mail address.
- In this case, we can not take you to work because you are not virtually
Man leaves sad, not knowing what to do when in the pocket there are only 10
dollars. But then he had an idea: he goes to the market and buys 10 kg
tomatoes. Then he begins to walk home and offer goods, and less than 2
hours he manages to double the capital. After he repeated the same three times in his
pocket it was 160 bucks. And then he realizes that such income is quite WMS
n! to live without working. Every morning he leaves home earlier and returned
all later each day doubling, tripling or even capital. After some time, he
buys a car, then a truck, and after some time to open the company to deliver the goods to the population. After 5 years he was the owner of a large chain
supermarkets. And then, thinking about the future, he suddenly decided to insure his
life and the lives of his entire family.
After negotiations with the insurance agent who asks him to leave the email address on
which could send the best offer for that merchant,
as well as a few years ago, says that he has no email address or even
- It's amazing - perplexed insurance agent - you have such a big business and there is no
e-mail address! Just imagine, what would you have been if you had
Upon reflection, the merchant is responsible:
- I'd be a janitor at Microsoft.


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