Modern Art

In order to draw attention to any small objects quite simply increase. This method is used by many creative people who want to create a successful advertisement for a certain company or a public place. To introduce the subject of a full-size special work is not necessary, but if required gigantic size, then everything is much, much more difficult, because the need and realism and special costs (considerable work, that's for sure). Modern designers and their assistants work wonders and make a variety of unusual items and even a little strange to read.

The park Shodfontan that in Belgium, in the vast clothespin "dried" grass. Designed Mehmet Ali Uysalom clothespin aims to promote contemporary art at the State level.

The sight of a duck and you can be yourself with fear duck. Especially a rubber structure Florentina Hoffman impress visitors. Kata yourself on any board, and then instead of iceberg duck ("black comedy" about the Titanic could be just such).

Why Americans are so fond of coffee? Yes, because one of the central streets of New York attracts them is such a huge installation, which imitates the smell of fresh hot coffee.

Striking sized chair (a width of 7, 7 meters!) In one of the department stores in Shanghai serves local stars great stage for performances.

In the town of Orebro (Sweden) love to be photographed next to a giant rabbit lying around.

The book is on the water, like a chair above is used for performances. Here, like operas.

Employees of the company "Longaberger Baskets" in Ohio come to work as a picnic, and all because of the custom office in a wicker basket.

Creative advertising "McDonald's».

The company «Nike» advertises its sporting goods as you can. Machine real soccer ball created by designers.

A bucket of popcorn in London brings people together.

Under this arhibolshim volanchikom often organize gatherings, but wish, if you believe the media, very much, and there is even a place.

Museum of food in Switzerland is easy to find: in the bottom of the lake near a huge fork stuck.

Pin in England: Beware everyone to come!

Just a very big red button. For what it is not clear, but the kids like.

In the office of a company in Seattle, he landed a gigantic paper airplane.

Designer Romulus from Spain tired creating the largest match in the world.


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