The history of "Campari" begins in 1860, when Gaspare Campari, from 1842 he worked as maitre liquoriste, began to give this spicy-bitter drink catchy red color in his «Cafe Campari» Novara. In the same year, Gaspare Campari Gruppo Campari founded a company to produce and distribute his drink, and then he moved to Milan. In 1904 the production of Campari began at the plant in Sesto San Giovanni near Milan.
Davide Campari Under the leadership of the son of Gaspare, the company began to export the drink to Nice and the French Riviera cities. Then drink sales expanded to other countries. Campari is currently distributed in more than 190 countries and is the main product of Gruppo Campari.

Campari every year creates a calendar. The company attracts stars of different sizes to create an image. All the photo shoot of the brand, without exaggeration, luxurious and seductive. Circulation 9999 copies of the calendar and just get only the fans drink.
In 2007 she was invited by Salma Hayek. She presented "Hotel Campari". Welcome to Room № 23.

In 2008, his role in the epic Campari calendars played a lovely Eva Mendes. As a photographer, he was invited Marino Parisotto. The photo shoot with Eva had to use images from fairy tales: "Cinderella," "Little Red Riding Hood," "Alice in Wonderland," "The Little Mermaid».

Jessica Alba Campari Swimsuit Calendar 2009 very plastic photograph Marino Parisotto among half-naked men on the background of water and sun glare.
Usually I can see in comfortable clothes and carrying a baby. It was amusing to dress in these luxurious gowns and surround yourself with such beauties

Campari Calendar 2010 will present the Ukrainian actress and model Olga Kurylenko, known for her role in the James Bond film "Quantum of Solace." Slogan calendar 2010: «One woman. One night. One drink. Unlimited possibilities »(« One woman. One city. One drink. Unlimited »).

The face of the calendar «The Red Affair» in 2011 became Benicio Del Toro, violating the 12-year-old tradition: the first time in the history of the calendar to decorate a man, not a woman.

"I am honored to become the first man Campari, -zayavil Benicio at the press conference. - I'm in the good company of my three girlfriends from previous calendars: Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes and Salma Hayek. Calendar 2011 tells a very cinematic story and as an actor I had fun filming it. I look forward to the reaction of fans Campari new style and drama calendar ".
Campari Group President Bob Kunz-Kontsevits explained that the company decided to change the style and direction of a calendar to mark the way the 150th anniversary of the brand. "As soon as we have decided to break with tradition and take off for the calendar man in the head immediately came Benicio as the ideal candidate for this role - said Bob. - It stresses progressive and cosmopolitan brand idea his magnetism and charismatic personality ".

Another star who has appeared in the pages of the calendar Campari «It's The End Of The World, Baby!» 2012 became Milla Iovovich. "I was very happy and grateful when I heard that I will be a guest star on the calendar Campari. He is known for his incredible photographs and personality. I think people will be intrigued when they see results. They will not pass by, "- said Milla.No because this year was presented earlier in our blog, we will miss this year.

As planned, the publication in 2013 talks thirteen bright photo stories about a woman trapped in a world of black cats, broken mirrors, candles and perfumes. The aim of the project was to instill in people's confidence, help to overcome our fears, to enjoy life without any prejudices.

"In fact, I got the pleasure of participating in the filming for the calendar Campari 2013. I find the topic interesting and exciting superstition" - says Penelope Cruz. - We have created a very strong and positive image, which is able to destroy all existing superstitions and destroy prejudices ».


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