The city of San Francisco is known for its stunning architecture and boasts a lot of sights. One of them is colorful staircase mosaic.

The developers made designer Colette Crutcher ceramics and mosaic artist Aileen Barr. It was created over the past two and a half years and was named Tiled Steps. Stairs became artistic value, a real work of art. Located at the intersection of 16th Ave. and Moraga. It consists of 163 steps, more than 75 thousand pieces of multicolored mosaic, mirrors, glass.

The illustrated stories harmoniously intertwined. They reflect the underwater world, flowers, trees, birds, the sky, the month and the sun. As a sign of gratitude to the mosaic of woven names of donors who contributed to the creation of a unique staircase. City officials estimated the deserts Tiled Steps, giving it a lot of titles and awards its authors special prizes and certificates.

This art project is almost 6 years old, but she is so loved by locals and visitors to the city, which is gathering a crowd willing to walk on it or just to take a picture.


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