The worst outfits in history

As you know, the ceremony of "Oscar" - is not only a film festival, it is also a celebration of fashion. Preparation for such an important event with celebrities begins long before the event - the selection of dresses, hairstyles, makeup and accessories takes a lot of time, and nice when your efforts pay off. Otherwise, you have every chance to get into the list of the most tasteless dressed celebrities "Oscar" of all times ... and become a part of history. On the eve of the 85th anniversary ceremony Academy Award (which is unlikely to do without trendy "surprises"), I propose to your attention the list of the worst outfits of "Oscar" in the history of its existence.

Back in 1989, when Demi Moore does not have enough money for clothes from top designers, she appeared at the ceremony "Oscar" in the ensemble of cycling shorts, corset and poluyubki. And this, incidentally, was made with her own hands. How nice that Demi still thrown sewing and come to grips with an acting career.

Another seamstress, lover, Kim Basinger, has demonstrated its design talent in 1990, appearing on the red carpet in a wedding dress and polupidzhake (actress dreams of becoming a fashion designer, love poluveschi). Interesting fact: on the sleeve of the jacket is lined in gold letters was the word "love." In Russian.

In 1992, Gene Davis shocked his audience dress in the spirit of cabaret dancers. Designer dress is still unknown - apparently no one wanted to take responsibility for this creation.

We always knew that Whoopi Goldberg great sense of humor, which she proved when there was a ceremony at the 93rd year in a suit The Wizard of Oz. But after that (or perhaps because) she was invited to conduct ceremony next year.

No, you were not wrong - this dress is really made of plastic cards of American Express. It appeared at the ceremony in 1995 Lizzy Gardiner ... the costume designer, who received the "Oscar" for the best costumes in the film "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" in the same year. By the way, I noticed a surprising trend - the ladies in the worst along with an enviable rate are not only the title of the most tasteless dressed star ceremony, but also cherished statuette.

Q.E.D. Creepy velvet dress in the best tradition of "Dracula" and "Oscar" for supporting actress in "The English Patient." Juliette Binoche, 1997.

In 1999, Celine Dion wanted to look on the red carpet deliberately elegant and stylish. Responsible for all of this was a snow-white pantsuit, but at the last moment something in the subconscious Celine changed and she was wearing a jacket backwards. What for? For what? The singer has not confessed.

Morticia Adams, is that you? In 2000, one of the most attractive actresses of our time Angelina Jolie came to receive "Oscar" for the film "Girl, Interrupted" in a black dress to toe black outfit adding hair extensions to the waist. Of course, this outfit few people decorate, but even there she was able to look outrageously sexy.

"Fashion knows no pain, no mercy," - that such thoughts have visited me in 2001 when I saw on the red carpet Bjork in the guise of a swan. The only thing that reassures me is the fact that the swan was not real.

Attire in which Gwyneth Paltrow attended the "Oscar" in 2002, was too outspoken. Unfortunately, Gwyneth realized this only on the red carpet, trying by all means to hide the almost bare chest posture hunchback. By the way, the creator of this outfit was none other than Alexander McQueen, who described the image of his ward as "incredible." In a really better not to believe.

Lack of iron in the economy did not stop Jennifer Connelly get "Oscar" for "A Beautiful Mind" in 2002.

The year 2002 was very unfortunate in the history of the "Oscar" - Gwyneth, Jennifer, now also Selma Blair. I do not know which one of them - Gwyneth with translucent breasts or Selma in crochet dress - received the prize for the most inappropriate outfit, but the latter is clearly felt more confident in their gaudy attire.

Dress by Christian Lacroix, which in 2004 appeared at the ceremony Uma Thurman, it turned into a real horror on the red carpet and caused a lot of snide giggles. Later Ouma stated that "it was a beautiful dress, but I was not able to apply it correctly." Well, at least he admitted his guilt, and that Lacroix still remained silent.

Fashion critics compared dress Tilda Swinton in 2008 with a giant trash bags. Well, I will not argue with them.

I still can not understand how such a sensible woman like Charlize Theron, let her get on her stylist is. Roses are clearly out of place.


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