Russian car industry on the verge of a breakthrough

I have quite a long time held a question. Well, as it takes. Not that I'm doing it intentionally, but it was still curious why such a talented peoples in all respects (including gifted and in all sorts of needlework), except automotive products areal mat can cause except that convulsive laughter? After all, the left-hander came from the land, and all sorts of crafts folk confirm extraordinary talents and skills. Home is cut down without nails. Locomotive out bratelnik Cherepanov managed to build. And at the present time - after all, anyway, and space power. And there is technology - hoo, and skills, again require extraordinary. How to VAZ there or gas comes - so another batch of buckets with nuts off the belt.
The answer, as often happens in this life, came unexpectedly. When not soared on the issue - and it is not decided by the example simpler. It turns out that all a piece of cake. Clothing, something the entire staff working automakers Russian supply defective! And not just defective, and particularly sophisticated and cynical way. Well, in this world, everything is interconnected. How can such clothes make decent products? In any way. So here's a clue, and the existence of a conspiracy at the highest level, aimed at discrediting the Russian automotive industry.


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