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In northwest China, Gansu Province, near the town of Zhangye are amazing rock formations called Zhangye Danxia Landform (Landscape Zhangye Danks).

The literal translation of the word Denskiya - pink cloud. Indeed, the picturesque hills with bird's-eye view looks like a giant cloud. This vast landscape result of the work of nature. The landscape was formed over millions of years and, according to experts, continues to change until now.

Expanses of the neighborhood form bands of different colors. In addition to the usual brown, black and white pigment rocks Zhangye Danks boasts rich shades of red, green, gold.

To date, the picturesque landscape is a tourist attraction. Tourists and photographers from around the world come to admire a unique reminder of nature. Especially for them, here were laid tracks, walking through which they could explore the magnificent landscape. For scientists, this area is not less interesting, often there are fossils of ancient plants and animals.


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