Comic-Con 2013

We continue to evaluate the outfits of celebrities, and I bring to your attention another portion of the most interesting images of stellar fashionistas with the festival Comic-Con 2013, which took place a few days ago in San Diego.

In the first part can be found here

Scarlett Johansson is the type of women who look sexy even in a pretty flowered dress. Along with the bright colored print it looks very over-year, but I'm not quite sure what the dress needs to supplement the dead of black eyeliner and black shoes.

For the press conference on the occasion of the new season of "True Blood" Anna Paquin chose a win-win situation - a little black dress, the current, seemingly under any circumstances. However, the instance created home David Koma, hardly suitable for office work - dress decorated with leather and shiny plastic inserts, the creation of which the designer was inspired by a musical theme and especially vinyl records. This interesting MPP difficult to get lost in the crowd!

The star of the series "Revenge" Emily VanCamp to the festival in a relaxed dress with a touch of punk rock. Actress wore a black top with a modest bronze color finish, leather leggings and white pumps, which are a little diluted black. Ensemble Emily is not bad, but nothing special. In addition, with the tan should wear something bright - the effect would be stunning.

Ginnifer Goodwin rarely favors commonplace attire, and this output is no exception. The actress appeared in front of press photographers in the free ivory dress with a deep V-neck and large pockets. Someone thinks this outfit shapeless, dull and strange (not in the good sense of the word), but I'll call it the perfect dress for a warm summer evening. Just imagine how comfortable and relaxed feel the actress in this dress, unlike their counterparts in black leather? The only pity is that instead of light comfortable sandals Jean chose classic shoes.

The second output Ginnifer and again free dress. Perhaps I missed something during the holidays - and she is not pregnant? As to the dress, it is slightly inferior to its predecessor. Emerald green-eyed actress-to-face, but impractical and bad tissue cut clearly detracts from the appearance.

Next on the list are three lovely ladies in red. Sandra Bullock opted for dress-Case Fall Roland Mouret with black inserts on the sides and finish in the style of origami on the bodice ...

... Abbie Cornish opted for minimalism and fabrics with shine as the only decorative element ...

... And star of "Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke appeared at an event to mark the release of the new season of the television series in the creation of Christopher Kane's unusual" transparent "inlays, gives the image of spice. It is my favorite Emilia among the three lovers of the color of passion - her outfit perfectly fits the atmosphere of the festival, while the dress Sandra seems boring, but the image of Abby -neudachnym because ... selection of shoes and stockings. Yes, they say that Miss Cornish came to the press conference in transparent tights, and it is bad form. And even more so in the summer, and especially in the Hollywood environment.

Monochrome ensemble consisting of a white blouse and black shorts, chose Elizabeth Olsen. At first glance, it seems as Balenciaga outfit is very restrained and simple, but in reality it is not. The blouse is decorated with interesting "loop" on the back, and shorts are decorated with unusual Basques.

Rachel Bilson wore to the event silk blouse from Marc Jacobs, decorated with a fun retro prints as black panthers. Intricate top actress complemented restrained bottom - caramel-colored skirt and shoes shade of ocher.

Emily Blunt to the festival in the company of Tom Cruise (with him the actress presented the new project "On the edge of the Future"). She was wearing a blue-purple dress with neon fancy print and interesting shoes berry hue as the sole supplementary element. Attire gives me mixed feelings, but this is just a personal opinion - I do not like symmetrical print on the dress, and I'm not sure that the sandals are combined with a toilet.


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