Facts about the best films of Dustin Hoffman

Today, August 8, marks 76 years one of the best and unsurpassed actors of the 20th century - Dustin Hoffman. Its probably all know and love. After all, it is itself a walking sign of high quality acting. Many honors and awards, including two "Oscar" and "Golden Bear" Venice Film Festival "for lifetime achievement in world cinema." Hoffman in Hollywood called the most hard-working actor and a perfectionist amazing. But acting initially lured him only because it using he could overcome his shyness and begin to meet girls. As a result, he succeeded everywhere turned into a genius of the big screen and became an inveterate ladies' man, but only in his youth years. His box office hits such as "The Graduate," "Kramer vs. Kramer," "Rain Man" and "Tutsi" brilliantly exposed and revealed all the parties and the nuances of his multifaceted talent: from the dramatic to the very incarnation of the comic, and, of course, included in the Gold fund of world cinema. For the birthday of a great artist, we have chosen the most interesting facts about his best paintings.

But, perhaps, we'll start with a wonderful animated film "Kung Fu Panda" where Dustin Hoffman brilliantly voiced by Master Shifu. For example, the writers specifically convinced the actor that Master Shifu surely die in the final. Hoffman bought and voiced his very emotionally dying. And in the end so realistic that many viewers believe it.

"The Graduate" (1967).

1. The director of the first performance in the life of Hoffman once said to him, I'm telling you, the guy in you something to eat. To ensure that people understand it will take a long time. But you'll get his. How fast? I think you will knock 30, when it will happen.

2. So, the first great cinematic experience of the actor was the main role in the movie "The Graduate." When he was at it approved it just knocked 30. And he played with the 20-year-old inexperienced youngster.

3. Originally auditioned for this role Robert Redford and Warren Beatty as the scenario protagonist - Benjamin Braddock - was described as tall athletic blond. But it was restlessness and unease in the eyes of Hoffman played in his favor. Though actually Dustin felt very insecure and therefore all mumbled his lines while listening. And, yes, he was confident that because of this failed sample.

4. According to the «American Film Institute» the phrase "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me?" Took 63rd place in the list of "100 best phrases" and 5th place in the ranking of "The 100 Greatest phrases from movies," compiled by «Premiere» in 2007.

5. According to the «American Film Institute» film took 17th place in the list of "100 Greatest Movies of All Time».

6. The film never uttered the names of the older characters, the audience knows only the names of the young heroes - Benjamin, Elaine and Carl - what was even more to emphasize the gap between different generations.

7. Anne Bancroft (Mrs. Robinson) is actually only six years older than Dustin Hoffman (Benjamin) and eight - Katharine Ross (Elaine).

"Kramer vs. Kramer" (1979).

1. This film brought Dustin Hoffman "Oscar" for Best Actor. And just been nominated for various film awards in various categories and more than 50 times in 35 of them won.

2. Shortly before filming, Dustin Hoffman himself experienced divorce. So he brings to the film a lot of personal issues and dialogues that made the role even more profound and dramatic.

3. Dustin Hoffman over each scene worked a lot with Justin Henry (the role of Billy Kramer). At first they were discussing them, until the boy began to feel at ease and relaxed.

4. The scene between Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep starred in the restaurant on location in one of New York restaurants. Now there is a picture on the wall with the filming, next to the table where she was filmed scene.

5. The famous scene with ice cream, where Billy begs his father to miss dinner, and came straight to dessert, was completely improvised Hoffman and Justin Henry. As a result, the director liked the picture so much that scene that he was not a moment's hesitation, I decided to leave it in the film.

"Tootsie" (1982).

1. The working title of the film is "Could I deceive you?", And suggested that the final version of Dustin Hoffman: Tootsie - a dog's name, which was his mother.

2. The relationship heroes Dustin Hoffman and Sydney Pollack film largely mirror those that were between them on set: director and actor constantly arguing with each other. But after lengthy discussions, most of the proposals were adopted Hoffman: Pollack played agent Michael Dorsey, and the role of his friend also starred his friend for life - Bill Murray.

3. All texts, spoken in the film Bill Myurreyem were pure improvisation.

4. With a budget of just 22 million in the US alone film has collected more than 177 million in revenue.

5. The film was included in the "100 best American films of the past 100 years," according to the AFI, and Dustin Hoffman received for her role as Dorothy several film awards.

"Rain Man" (1988).

1. In the first stage of filming Hoffman very negatively assessed embodied image and three weeks after filming began even asked the director of the film: ... invite someone else, Barry, this is the worst job in my life.

2. Although the same to create the most reliable image of Dustin spent more than a year with autism and their families.

3. Raymond in the original script looked more happy and friendly, but after his first reading of Dustin Hoffman insisted that his character was nevertheless typical autistic.

4. In the version of the film, which was designed for viewing on airplanes, was cut scene in which Raymond memorize lists Statistics plane crashes.

5. The scene in which Raymond after a conversation with a psychiatrist bows his head to Charlie and said, "My main man Charlie" was not in the script and was completely improvised Hoffman.

6. First Hoffman wanted the role of Charlie sang again his friend Bill Murray.

7. The actor still insisted that the final Raymond returned to the hospital. He believed if you leave Raymond Charlie - it will look unreliable.

8. Even in the period of filming Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise doubted the commercial potential of the film and jokingly called him "Two chmoshnik in the car».

9. In preparation for the role, Tom Cruise for a while he worked as an orderly in a hospital for autistic.

10. This film belongs to a unique achievement: "Rain Man" - is today the only picture in the history of cinema, which won the "Golden Bear" at the Berlin Film Festival and the "Oscar" in nominitsii "Best Film of the Year."


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