Soviet cuisine

Herring under a fur coat
Surely this frequenter of feasts was invented inquisitive landlady, who wanted to surprise guests with exquisite taste in recruitment available at the time the products, and then sold for a fancy recipe notebook with writing prescriptions. Modifications dishes, there are many, but integral components of herring under a fur coat remain beet, mayonnaise, potatoes, well, of course, itself a herring.

Cake "Napoleon»
I'm not sure this is typical Soviet meal, but our mother and grandmother struggled to bake the finest cakes and cook delicious cream, then it is all turned into a magical dessert tayavshy mouth.

"Mikoyan" chop
Famous People's Commissar of Trade was entrusted with complex and non-trivial task - to feed the delicious multi-million Soviet people, and try to do it so that housewives want to go to a point of catering, but do not cook on their own, thus taking their husbands and children in the public dining room.

Doctoral and amateur sausage
There is no comment. All her love, all her know.

Odessa sausage
I do not know why it was called the "Odessa". Perhaps a prototype prescription was indeed taken from the citizens "pearl of the sea", and maybe just a product of someone's imagination played out.

Sprat in tomato sauce
Excellent cheap zakus of little things that kind of raw and will not sell, but can be used.

Sausage cheese
Excellent idea to use sub-standard residues cheese - melted, pour into a shell and soot. I do not know anyone and I loved him, that I can not say about the present time.

Yes, yes, "Olivier", since the original recipe in the Soviet interpretation was left nothing, so feel free to send it in a recipe dishes Soviet cuisine.

Salad «Dniester»
I do not know when and who invented it, but also now is quite a popular dish in the canteen.

Liver cake
Another invention wonderful housewife. Just fried liver - boring and no aesthetic pleasure. On the table is not promptly supplied, and the product is available. What to do? Of course, an unusual cake from oven conventional products.

Chicken "in Kiev»
It was invented by a cook in one of Kyiv restaurants in the 70s. The twentieth century, then fell in love with all the peoples of the Soviet Union, which still remains one of the most popular dishes of the former Soviet Union.



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