Facts about pens

1. Each year, choking ballpoint pen, kills about 100 people. 2. Originally intended for the Royal Air Force of Great Britain, as usual fountain pens leaked in planes from lower atmospheric pressure. Handles can not write in the open space and in a state of weightlessness. 3. The first batch of ballpoint pens went on sale in New York City in 1945. The line was such that the authorities had put a cordon of several hundred police officers. The day had been sold 10 thousand pens, although cost $ 12 NEW: many American industrial worker was getting 8 hours of work. 4. The rods pens were originally folded in an accordion to increase the capacity of the ink they had "twice the length." But then to reduce the cost of production, we began to make thin, smooth rods. 5. In almost all European languages ​​pens are named using the word "ball»: «ballpoint» pen in English, «bolígrafo» in Spanish, «penna a sfera» in Italian and «Kugelschreiber» in German. Only in Argentina, the handle is called "birami", in honor of the inventor of the handle Laszlo Biro, who received from his invention penny: due to the fact that he was not issued in time to patent his oblaposhili experienced dealers. By the way, Biro died not so long ago, in 1985. 6. Every second in the world sold 125 pens. One-third of the market pens in the United States owned by BIC, which since 1983 has sold more than 7 billion US handles. 7. In the 1 year 3-4 person uses up the handle, with every good pen can write 50 thousand. Words. 8. If a person is given a new pen, the first word that he would write to her, to be his name. 9. In America there speaking English pen - computers that are sold in a set of special paper. She corrects all errors made in writing, may translate into Spanish and vice versa, and at the same time to say the words out loud. 10. The most expensive pen, inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records, is one million. Euro. This platinum pen «Montegrappa».

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